Leaked 3D Models and In-Game Audio of All New Skins, Gliders, and Back Blings That Are Coming Soon to Fortnite

Albert Petrosyan

The v4.5 update in Fortnite went live early on June 27th and brought with it a whole assortment of new cosmetic items.

Having already leaked the names, images, and rarities of the items, data miners have now found 3D rendered models and in-game audio of the various outfit skins, gliders, and back blings that will be coming soon to the game.

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This is, of course, nothing new when it comes to updates in Fortnite; data miners have proven to make quick work of scanning through new game files to look for new in-game items.

This new batch of leaks is courtesy of ‘Skin-Tracker,’ a popular and trusted database for all of the cosmetic items in Fortnite.

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Their latest in-game discoveries have yielded 3D rendered models of the Oblivion, Sleuth, Gumshoe, Fireworks Team Leader, Star-Spangled Trooper, Star-Spangled Ranged, Noir, Criterion, and Vertex outfits, along with the Terminus, Viceroy Mark, and Forerunner gliders, and the Crested Cape, Destabilizer, Stabilizer, Blasting Cap, Confidential Case, Cluefinder, and Evidence Bag back-blings.

The models for the the Razor Edge, Victory Lap, and Magnifying Ave pickaxes have not yet been discovered, but will be added to this article once they are available.

It is not yet clear exactly when these items will be released, but they should be available for purchase in Fortnite’s Item Shop within the coming days and weeks.

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Outfit Skins


Unending vengeance


This detective is on the case


The kid’s got gumption

Fireworks Team Leader

Life, liberty, and the bear suit of happiness

Star-Spangled Trooper

Salute your stripes

Star-Spangled Ranger

Make ’em see stars


Infiltrating the seedy underbelly of Tilted Towers


From beyond the point of no return


Unwavering dedication

Back Blings

Crested Cape

Cloaked and courageous


Embrace the chaos


Stay in control

Blasting Cap

It’s a blast!

Confidential Case

Build a case.


Follow the clues

Evidence Bag

Forensic fashion

Gliders (With Audio)


It’s the end of the line

Viceroy Mark

Ain’t she a beaut?


Amped and aerodynamic