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LazarBeam slams Fortnite’s “pointless” new UI changes

Published: 30/Mar/2020 7:51 Updated: 31/Mar/2020 5:48

by Isaac McIntyre


Lannan ‘LazarBeam’ Eacott has taken aim at Epic’s choice to change Fortnite’s user interface in Chapter 2, dubbing the screen updates “literally pointless,” and likening them to “screen vomit” instead of improvements.

Fortnite’s reset into Chapter 2 has been a divisive move so far. It’s been dubbed as a “boring” change for all. Even the battle royale’s biggest defender, Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins, has opened fire on the title, admitting he “feels bad” for the fans.


LazarBeam ⁠— who previously warned the battle royale could be on its final legs, and admits he’s “really worried” for its future ⁠— has also found fault with the new updates. His issues, however, are a little less gameplay related.

LazarBeam took a swipe at Epic's choice to overhaul the old Fortnite UI.
YouTube: LazarBeam
LazarBeam took a swipe at Epic’s choice to overhaul the old, “clean” Fortnite user-interface.

According to Eacott, Epic needs to consider reverting the Fortnite UI (user interface) during matches. He likened Chapter 2’s gun layouts, info-bars, and medal popups to “screen vomit.” In his eyes, something has to change, and “fast.”


“Potentially controversial opinion…I miss the old UI. The medal and experience bar system is literally pointless screen vomit. I don’t need a giant medal on my screen ‘cause I’m in the top 50!” he posted on Twitter.

Fortnite has also seen a number of quests added, including collecting rare fish. Those “dumb pop-ups” aren’t necessary either, the Aussie star said, and added “he doesn’t need a giant medal on my screen cause [he] caught a f**king fish!”

This isn’t the first time LazarBeam has suggested Fortnite’s original chapter ⁠— just dubbed Seasons 1 through 10 back then ⁠— was a better experience than the game is now. He even admitted to “watching old videos” and reminiscing.


“Game was so simple, clean, and fun [back then]. It felt like the entire globe discovered and experienced this game together. I’m emotional man!” he said in another tweet earlier this month, days before the Helicopter update.

He did admit Epic Games had “done a good job keeping the game exciting,” with the patches they’ve rolled out recently. “There was a reason it took over the world,” he added. He believes that spark has been missing in Chapter 2 so far.

That isn’t through lack of trying from Epic’s behalf, however. The devs have poured new guns, high-flying vehicles, and a hefty helping of challenges into Chapter 2 so far, and there’s even more new stuff on the horizon too.


According to Fortnite’s devs, there’s “unbelievable things” still to come. They’ve stayed relatively quiet about what that could mean, though. Let’s hope, for LazarBeam’s sake at least, the changes include a new Fortnite UI overhaul.


Bryce Hall reveals why he uploaded viral street fight video

Published: 8/Oct/2020 0:23

by Virginia Glaze


YouTuber and TikTok star Bryce Hall came under fire after uploading a video that showed himself attempting to break up a fight between the Sway House boys and a bystander — and now, he’s revealed his side of the story.

The video, originally taken on September 23, sparked outrage among Hall’s fanbase after being posted on October 4, with many critics calling out the influencer for what appeared to be bad behavior.


However, Sway House member Nick Bean clarified what took place in an Instagram Live stream, stating that the altercation had been his fault and that things ultimately ended on a happy note, while also claiming the incident was “misrepresented” by media outlets.

This didn’t stop some commenters from still finding fault with the situation — especially since a few choice homophobic slurs had been thrown out during the video.


Bryce Hall later told his side of the story during an episode of his “Capital University” podcast on October 7, seeming to confirm Bean’s version of events: A drunk Bean had tossed a traffic cone onto a nearby car, causing the owner to come out of a restaurant to assess the situation.

Bryce claimed that the car’s owner punched Bean in the face twice, leading to the all-out brawl seen in the video. Just like Bean’s statement, he claimed that the group made up in the end; but that wasn’t all he revealed.

The TikToker also explained why he’d even uploaded the video in the first place, stating that he wanted to get ahead of the media outlets to prevent any misinterpreting of the situation.


“We didn’t actually know that there was a video,” Hall admitted, referring to the now-viral clip originally taken from a paparazzi outlet. “I actually tweeted out the video, because I knew it was going to come out. I didn’t want the press articles to switch up the story at all. So I tweeted it out.”

At long last, Hall has finally cleared up the events leading up to the viral video; and while some fans are understanding, it doesn’t look like internet critics are willing to let this one go, regardless of his and Bean’s explanation.

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