LazarBeam shows off “pay to win” Fortnite skins in Marvel-themed season

Brad Norton. Last updated: Sep 07, 2020
Fortnite Season 4 gameplay / LazarBeam Youtube video
Epic Games / YouTube: LazarBeam

Epic Games introduced a number of popular Marvel heroes and villains with the major Season 4 update, though some of the new character skins appear to be ‘pay to win’ in the eyes of  Lannan ‘LazarBeam’ Eacott.

Throwing around accusations of pay to win content is no small matter. With millions of players logging in daily, Fortnite introducing new premium unlocks that give a competitive edge would be met with more backlash than even Doctor Strange could predict.

While Fortnite’s fourth season brought a ton of iconic Marvel figures into the battle royale, some skins appear to have more useful effects than others. Many of them can be unlocked in the Nexus War Battle Pass. Though others can be bought outright through the daily store as well.

In one of his first videos in the new season, LazarBeam uncovered a few hilarious ways to gain an advantage. Full disclaimer: none of them are actually pay to win. But they can provide some amusing opportunities to confuse your opponents.

Fortnite Mystique skin
Epic Games
Mystique is the only character in Fortnite capable of taking over the appearance of an enemy.

The first skin in question is Mystique. This popular character comes with a one-of-a-kind emote. After slaying an enemy, she’s able to transform and shift her appearance into whatever she last killed. From an opposing skin to the design of an AI bot, she can change her look on the fly.

This can be considered ‘overpowered,’ according to LazarBeam who used the emote to trick his opposition. The “pay to win emote” let him “become a robot.” He then stood still among a group of AI and threw his enemies for a loop. “If someone comes here looking for some loot, they think they’re going to come up against some NPCs, but LazarBeam is going to be sitting here sweating.”

“It’s amazing the things you can do in Fortnite if you just spend some money,” he joked. Another skin that provided a super niche advantage was the Silver Surfer. While many players have taken issue with his actually powerful abilities, LazarBeam found a patient trick to once again, catch enemies by surprise.

“I am made of entirely silver components. This statue is also made entirely of silver,” he said while gliding down to Doom’s Domain. He sat atop the statue and blended in, turning completely “invisible” as enemies passed by without noticing.

“I don’t know if it’s pay to win or pay to meme,” the YouTube star acknowledged. While the skins obviously come with unique effects, none of them can outright gift you a win.

Almost all of them can be earned without spending a dollar as well. If you’re leveling up your battle pass, here’s what you can expect to unlock throughout Season 4.