LazarBeam reveals why he’s “already” worried about Fortnite Season 2

YouTube: LazarBeam / Epic Games

YouTuber Lannan ‘LazarBeam’ Eacott, like many other Fortnite creators, has been diving into Season 2 of the battle royale, and while he believes it’s a “great start,” there are a few things that have the Australian star worried.

After months of small updates for Fortnite—which led LazarBeam to declare the royale was “dead” if Epic didn’t change things soon—the content floodgates were thrown open with the long-awaited release of mega-expansion Season 2.

With it came a new Battle Pass, big map changes, and the return of a handful of Chapter 1’s most popular vaulted weapons, and fans have swarmed back to the title. While LazarBeam was among them, he admitted he still has his doubts.

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Epic Games
Fortnite has exploded with new content in Chapter 2: Season 2, but LazarBeam isn’t sold just yet.

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In particular, the Australian star said he believes the Chapter 2 content drop has been “fairly boring” outside of some of its more premium battle pass emotes and skins, and the fact Epic added an “insane” amount of “sick” weapons.

With so many things, from on-map vaults, to bosses ruling over places of interest, and deadly new legendary weapons, coming into the game, LazarBeam said he thinks Epic may have backed themselves into a corner in terms of content.

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“I like the new season, but I can already feel they are gonna have to keep pumping stuff in to make it last,” the YouTuber said soon after the Season 2 release, but did add he’d been enjoying himself so far. “Great start for Epic though!”

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He expanded on that idea in his February 20 uploads, where he took a look through the Chapter 2 battle pass, and played his first games in the new expansion. According to the popular creator, Fortnite isn’t in the clear just yet.

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“Okay, I’m going to give my honest opinion on it all so far: I don’t know if this has saved Fortnite… and I’ve barely played the game so far. The emotes and skins are sick, but everything else, as always, is pretty boring,” he said.

“The theme of the season is cool though, they’ve added an insane amount of new items that I think are sick… I like the skins and emotes. This new season… we’ll see if this is what saves Fortnite.”

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Epic Games
LazarBeam admitted his favorite part of the new season so far has been the skins.

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It wasn’t all doom and gloom for the Aussie Fortnite star as he flicked through the piles of new content and racked up his first Victory Royale alongside duo partner Harley ‘mrfreshasian’ Campbell, however. In his eyes, Epic has definitely “upped their skin game” again.

LazarBeam pointed to a number of the pass cosmetics, including Agent Peely, Brutus, and the new “beautiful” Bombs Away! glider. He also said the season’s new feature, where you pick between two skin styles, was “very cool.”

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“One of the coolest things about the new season is that you can pick if you’re a shadow or a ghost… I reckon that’s pretty cool,” he said, before joking that including options for the battle pass skins had “saved Fortnite by itself.”

The related segment in the video below begins at 7:28.

While Eacott is holding off from damning Fortnite in Season 2 for the time being, others haven’t been so kind to the battle royale amidst its release hype.

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Leading the charge has been Twitch star Dr Disrespect, who has famously despised most elements of Fortnite, and the Two Time didn’t hold back in his scathing review of the title’s new content drop this time around either.

Despite content creators expressing their concerns about the battle royale eventually ending, there can be no denying right now feels like Christmas for Fortnite players — so drop back in, see what’s changed in the new season, and make your own mind up about the direction of Epic’s flagship title.

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