KingRichard Hits Viewer with the Ban Hammer After They Donated to Say Good Game

by Mike Kent


Professional Fortnite player KingRichard wasn’t pleased after an opponent donated ten dollars to tell him via stream to tell him good game.

Dallas based esports organization, Team Envy, signed KingRichard in early May as the first player in their professional Fortnite team.


The popular streamer has yet to show his capabilities due to the lack of tournaments for Fortnite, but has worked hard broadcasting on a daily basis to his fans.

During one of his streams in early July, KingRichard received a 1,000 Twitch Bits donation, roughly valued at $10, with a simple message.

“GG bro. I was that Skull Trooper near loot lake. Ran out of mats. GF!!!”


It appears that KingRichard assumed the player was stream sniping, and got visibly upset and responded to the donation by telling his mods to ban the user.

“Don’t GG me, you’re trash. Don’t come here with that. In matter fact, mods, ban him. Give him that hot, perma ban.”


It’s unclear why exactly he wanted the player banned, but that didn’t stop the clip spreading across Reddit and amassing 75,000 views in just a matter of days.