Kingdom Hearts 4 needs a Fortnite world and it’s not impossible

Square Enix just announced Kingdom Hearts 4, and fans are already fantasizing about Star Wars and Marvel fitting into the Disney action RPG… but a Fortnite world could be the key to these crossovers.

There are two things that everyone knows about the Kingdom Hearts franchise: It’s the RPG that features Disney characters, and it has a confusing storyline that spans 10+ games. But in the early days of Kingdom Hearts, it was the former that enthralled players.

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Sora, a teenage island boy, teamed up with iconic Disney supporting characters Goofy and Donald. Their mission was to save King Mickey and a heap of Disney worlds from being overtaken with darkness.

This simple formula is what attracted many to the first two titles before the storyline became the convoluted behemoth it is today. Even still, when a new Kingdom Hearts game is announced, players can’t help but wonder what new Disney worlds will be included this time around.

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sora kingdom hearts 4 battle bus backgroundSquare Enix
Sora awakens in Tilted Towers, realizing he missed the Battle Bus.

Kingdom Hearts could use a Fortnite world

Since the first games, Disney has acquired quite a few franchises. The two most notable in its arsenal are Star Wars and Marvel. As such, players hoped to see either one in Kingdom Hearts 3, but Tetsuya Nomura confirmed their absence was due to a contractual issue.

However, there is a game that both franchises have appeared in quite frequently, and that game is Fortnite. It would seem that Epic Games has a healthy relationship with Disney as they produce content for Fortnite at least once a season.

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Marvel heroes have taken residence on Fortnite’s island more so than Star Wars. In fact, writers for Marvel have confirmed that Fortnite is canon in the Avengers comics. So it wouldn’t be a stretch to say Square Enix could include a Fortnite world in Kingdom Hearts 4 in order to shoehorn both Marvel and Star Wars into Sora’s next adventure.

fortnite caretaker in kingdom hearts 4Square Enix
A Fortnite Caretaker lurks in the darkness behind Donald and Goofy.

Appeasing two fanbases with one zone

When it comes to fan-led discussions about Star Wars and Marvel making it into Kingdom Hearts, there are two heated sides to the debate. Believe it or not, there are those who are vehemently against the inclusion of superheroes in another Square Enix game.

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Others have argued that Sora and his cartoon friends would feel out of place in a Star Wars world. But he and his compatriots have found ways to blend in with animals, toys, and AI programs. As well, Kingdom Hearts 4 has some pretty dapper graphics that knock off that ‘toonish edge.

Given Fortnite’s already vibrant appearance, Sora wouldn’t feel amiss even standing next to an anthropomorphic duck. Bringing Marvel and Star Wars into that world and giving them their Fortnite appearances would help the world feel more cohesive.

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Kingdom Hearts is technically a multiverse, and Fortnite being a multiverse of its own would make for massive storytelling potential. Square Enix wouldn’t give either franchise a solo world, but would tell a more robust story using the world Epic Games has already built.

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iron man and kylo ren in fortniteEpic Games
Promotional artwork for Iron Man and Kylo Ren in Fortnite.

An irrefutable strategy for success

If Fortnite is good for one thing, it is being used as a platform to build hype for upcoming projects. Whether it be movies, music, or other video games, Fortnite is a very effective advertising service.

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Most of these promotions take the form of crossover cosmetics. The main characters from the work being advertised are brought to life in Fortnite to be used by players long past the media’s point of relevance.

When it comes to Fortnite in Kingdom Hearts 4, the reverse can be done to build hype for the game. Sora, Riku, or even Sephiroth could be brought to Fortnite as skins. The Keyblade is a perfect harvesting tool, and Goofy’s shield or a Moogle could make the perfect Back Bling.

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Fortnite already has gaming icons like Master Chief, Kratos, Ryu, and Lara Croft. Sora would be a great addition to the roster, especially wearing his new Kingdom Hearts 4 threads.

sora as a skin in fortniteEpic Games
A concept for if Sora were to make it into Fortnite as a skin.

The issues with Fortnite in Kingdom Hearts

While Fortnite has plenty of different video game franchises, Kingdom Hearts has only ever included Disney IPs and Final Fantasy characters. That was, until Kingdom Hearts 3, where there was a distinct lack of Final Fantasy representation.

Not to say it isn’t possible for Kingdom Hearts to break out of its mold and include other video games, but that might be going too far beyond what feels reasonable for the series.

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The only reason Fortnite could get a pass is that there’s enough Disney engrained in it already. Square Enix wouldn’t have to make up some reason why Star Wars or Marvel are in the Fortnite world. Epic Games has already done that.

Fortnite is also constantly under attack by evil forces. It wouldn’t be ridiculous to envision Slone or whoever the big-bad is at the time attempting to harness the power of the Heartless to take over the Island.

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But, who knows what is and isn’t possible? Fans are already making connections between Kingdom Hearts 4’s first trailer and robots from Star Wars. We could get two standalone worlds to appease both fanbases… or maybe Fortnite is the key that connects everything.