King Richard chokes while playing in the Fall Skirmish with Ninja - Dexerto

King Richard chokes while playing in the Fall Skirmish with Ninja

Published: 9/Oct/2018 0:35 Updated: 9/Oct/2018 0:41

by Mitch Reames


Needing just one more kill to reach four for the game and get the extra point for the standings, King Richard did not have his best moment.

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Competing in Week 3 of the Fall Skirmish, King Richard and Ninja entered a build battle against Raysfire and Ghost Thwifo.

Ninja ran into the opposing duo first and knocked Raysfire before Thwifo eliminated him.

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With Thwifo taking fall damage and his teammate knocked, King Richard had the advantage, but he never even fired a shot at his opponent.

Because he was reloading, and there surprisingly weren’t any existing walls to build off from, Richard had no way to break his fall. 


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Ninja’s immediate reaction made it pretty clear he was frustrated about how the game turned out. 

But as Ninja finished up his stream and switched to hosting the official Fortnite channel, he said he wasn’t mad about how the game finished.

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“I’m not mad, I played well. Richard and I play well together,” Ninja said, but that final engagement was still on his mind.

“Dang it man, I wrecked those kids, outbuilt them too. They were both so weak, that’s a double, five points and [Richard] is still alive,” he continued.