Fortnite: Kid that designed the Tender Defender skin has the best reaction to finding it in-game

by Connor Bennett


Getting your own Fortnite skin concept added to the game would be exciting for even the biggest of designers, but for a child who submitted their own -  and has no idea it’s been added - it's even cooler.


On September 12, Reddit user 'tfoust10' posted a photo of his son Connor's request to Epic Games to add his ‘Chicken Trooper’ skin idea to the game.

Well, two months later and, after help from artists who gave the skin more detail and life, the Fornite publishers made his wish come true and added the ‘Tender Defender’ skin to the game. However, Connor did not know about the in-game skin until his dad posted a YouTube video of his reaction.


The video begins with tfoust10 and Connor flanked by family members flicking through the Fortnite catalogue, to see, in tfoust’s words if there is “anything good” because he wants to get “something cool” as his new in-game skin.

After a few seconds, Connor's father - who is yet to reveal to his son what he’s looking for - switches on his phone’s forward-facing camera to capture a closer reaction for what is about to come. 

"Tender Defender!" Connor shouts out. “We’re buying it! We’re buying it! We’re buying it!” The excitement is clear to see as the youngster, with a beaming smile on his face, leaps forward to get a closer look.


“What the heck? It’s in the game!,” his brother shouts with excitement. “What?! No way!,” comes another cry of excitement from the room.

The whole room is abuzz at seeing Connor's creation, albeit with a little polish, come to life in one of the world's popular games.