KEEMSTAR Explains Why Friday Fortnite is Unlikely to Come Back, Despite Fans Hitting His Retweet Goal [UPDATED]


With the return of Friday Fortnite looking ever more unlikely, KEEMSTAR has revealed revealed that he is considering a move to one of Fortnite’s biggest competitors

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It looks as though fans of the popular ‘Friday Fortnite’ competition are in store for some bad news, as the popular competition apparently won’t be returning after all.

YouTuber Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem, the creator of Friday Fortnite, has hinted that the competition will likely not be returning, despite him having earlier announced that he was working towards bringing it back.

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The ‘DramaAlert’ host posted this update on his Twitter page on September 10.

Nope! I’m not playing this game again. RiP #FridayFortnite !

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It would appear that this sudden change of heart is due to Epic Games announcing another major Fortnite competition – this one a $10 million, six-week long tournament series called ‘Fall Skirmish.’

Of course the reason why KEEMSTAR had cancelled Friday Fortnite after 10 consecutive weeks was due to Epic’s previous competition – the eight-week ‘Summer Skirmish.’ 

Because the Summer Skirmish featured prize pools that were exponentially larger than the $20,000 awarded weekly in Friday Fortnite, many big-name participants chose to play in Epic’s event rather than Keem’s. 

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With the Summer Skirmish having wrapped up last weekend, the YouTuber announced that he would bring back his popular competition if his tweet hit 100K retweets in a week.

Clearly the community wanted Friday Fortnite back as the goal was met in just over a day, however this latest development appears to have proved their efforts for naught.

KEEMSTAR doesn’t appear ready to give up yet however, as he has publicly attempted to negotiate with Epic to move their event days to the weekend, allowing him to run his competition on Fridays. 

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However, his efforts could prove futile once again, as he had attempted something similar with Epic prior to the Summer Skirmish but his pleas fell do deaf ears and were ignored.