KEEMSTAR Cancels This Week’s $20K Friday Fortnite Celebrity Tournament

Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem has cancelled this week’s running of the Friday Fortnite celebrity tournament.

The decision stems from Epic Games scheduling the first half of the $1 million ‘Summer Skirmish’ Duos tournament for Friday, July 20, the same day that the YouTuber’s popular competition was scheduled to be played.

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KEEMSTAR held out for as long as he could before he ultimately decided to cancel, which he announced late on July 19.

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This essentially puts an end to Keem’s brief standoff with Epic, as he had previously indicated that he would go through with his tournament despite the much larger event being played at the same time.

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However, with so many of Friday Fortnite’s regular participants also receiving invites to play in Friday’s $500K Summer Skirmish, the YouTuber realized he could not fill up his bracket, which offers a much more modest $20K prize pool due to being capped by Epic’s third-party regulations.

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This marks the first time in eleven weeks that Friday Fortnite will not be played, with its previous ten tournaments having garnered unprecedented popularity and viewership success.

The competition will be back on the 29th and every Sunday afterwards, in order to ensure that big-name content creators can participate in both competitions.

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