Justice Finally Served for Orange Shirt Kid as Emote Included in Latest Season 4 Fortnite Update

by Joe O'Brien


Season 4 of the battle pass for Fortnite Battle Royale has brought its fair share of surprises, from new skins to meteor craters around the map – but this might be the best surprise of all.

There have of course been new emotes added to the game as well, and one emote in particular has a special place in the community’s heart – best known for its innovator “Orange Shirt Kid”.


The move is from way back when developers Epic Games ran their ‘Boogie Down Contest’ – asking fans to submit their own dance moves online, with the best being chosen to be added in to the game.

Orange Shirt Kid was one such fan, and despite going fairly viral, his boogie down contest submission was snubbed in the final pick.


In typical viral internet sensation fashion, no one could stand for this injustice, and so the community rallied together to petition for “Justice for Orange Shirt Kid” – even creating a Change.Org official petition.

And thankfully, the protests were not in vein, as Epic Games has seen sense and added his brilliant dance moves in to the game, with the emote called “Orange Justice”.

They even took Orange Shirt Kid’s tag line “It’s also a great exercise” and added to the description of the emote. Below is his original submission.

And here it is finally, in the game – justice has been served!


Orange Shirt Kid was approiprately over the moon.

The emote looks like it unlocks at level 26, and is actually a fairly accurate recreation of Orange Shirt Kid’s smooth moves.

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