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JGhosty responds to NEACE’s bizarre criticism of Ninja during Fortnite Winter Royale

Published: 15/Dec/2018 18:15 Updated: 16/Dec/2018 13:17

by Calum Patterson


YouTuber and streamer ‘NEACE’ has hit out at Ninja, upset by his muted reaction to NEACE’s performance in the Fortnite Winter Royale, prompting a response from Ninja’s wife and manager, Jessica ‘JGhosty’ Blevins.

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NEACE first tweeted his anger about a clip from Ninja’s stream, in which the popular streamer is shown to not congratulate NEACE for a kill, despite claiming to be close friends for many years.

On December 12, NEACE tweeted: “Known @Ninja for 5+yrs. […] He got famous, he can’t even be happy for me” continuing “he can’t even say a kind word to me after all the work I’ve put in at this game. $ changed our relationship.”


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NEACE also went on to say in other tweets: “imagine your friend who you’ve known since Halo joins up on your game and makes it into the finals of a tournament and you are literally 10000x more famous and wealthy, you’d ignore your friends twitter/phone and not even appear happy for him?”

Ninja did not respond publicly to NEACE’s grievances, however on December 14, JGhosty did respond, and posted a damning running of how the relationship between NEACE, Ninja and herself had deteriorated.

Another popular Fortnite streamer,  KingRichard, also responded to NEACE, saying “As a grown man you should know that no man owes you anything it’s your job as a man to make a way. Counting another mans pockets and expecting a portion is sad.”


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On December 15, NEACE attempted to clarify his position following JGhosty’s response and what he calls “a lot of impressionable children that will only see me as wrong no matter what.”

Perhaps wanting to draw any further attention to the situation, Ninja himself has not responded publicly to NEACE’s frustrations.

Ninja’s reaction was certainly muted, but he doesn’t say anything directly negative about NEACE, likely more concerned with the powerful ‘Infinity Blade’, which many feel ruined the NA side of the Winter Royale tournament.