Fortnite: Another mysterious invisibility bug appearing in Battle Royale

by David Purcell


Some Fortnite fans will remember the terrible invisibility bug which was found when Epic Games added Shadow Stones, and now footage has emerged which suggests there might be another one. 


The idea of being hidden in plain sight would probably an ideal scenario for Fortnite players, hence the developer trying to build a temporary invisibility item into the game at the beginning of Season 6, but it's never really worked as Epic had intended. 

After gamers were experiencing bugs with Shadow Stones, such as unlimited invisibility, they were removed from the game in the v7.00 patch. However, this new bug is a lot more confusing than that. 

Cultured Vultures
Cultured Vultures
Shadow Stones, the Fortnite item riddled with bugs and removed in the 7.00 Patch.


In a post to the FortniteBR subreddit, one Reddit user - FloodsVFX - included a clip where himself and his teammate had been knocked down near Polar Peaks and next to them was also a player knocked from another team. 

A plane came crashing past, seemingly without a pilot, and a few moments later you can hear the enemy player was suddenly being revived. They sprung back into action and eliminated FloodsVFX with a shotgun. 

Wow! They must've really increased the range at which you could revive! from r/FortNiteBR


"Wow! They must've really increased the range at which you could revive!" the Reddit user posted, yet if you listen carefully to the audio in the clip below, you can hear footsteps across the snow before the player is revived. 

This suggests that rather than the range of revival being increased, there actually might have been a player there all along that we - or the team for that matter - couldn't see. 

There is no way of definitively knowing if the player is under the map, invisible or perhaps even - as Floods suggested - the revive range was increased in this instance, but the game does have a history for this type of bug.