Is Fortnite's Ice King going to die this season? Here's why it might happen

by David Purcell


Fortnite has changed a lot already in Season 7, but the latest arrival of a huge ice ball dangling over the map has led some fans to believe that things are falling into place for one character's impending death.


The latest season has brought so many different features to the game, with the controversial Infinity Blade and the X-4 Stormwing planes coming in at the beginning and the latest addition of an ice ball hovering over the map for all to see. 

Fortnite has built a reputation of being incredibly unpredictable of late, but one fan believes that the developer is working towards the climax of a rather epic storyline. If this theory is correct, things could be about to heat up. 

The Ice King featured heavily in Fortnite's Season 7 promotional material at the beginning.


A recent post to the FortniteBR subreddit from ANattyLight seems to have garnered strong interest from the game's online community, as their take on the current situation on Fortnite draws interesting comparisons between the arrival of an ice ball in the sky and an old Arthurian tale. 

The Reddit user has suggested that the current story being developed by Epic Games is in fact following the tale of Mordred, and they believe that it will end with the upcoming death of the Ice King. 

Fortnite fan spots similarities between leaked Malcore skin and the Arthurian tale of Mordred.


"There are five chairs at the round table. Ice Queen, King, Knight, Ranger, Raven. The Ice King’s son, Malcore, betrayed him and his seat was taken away - hence the absence of chair. This follows the story of Mordred and looks nearly identical to him. The Ice King will die this season" the user explained. 

'Malcore' was one of eight Fortnite skins which were leaked on January 16 and this fan seems to think that it will prove to be a prominent figure moving forward, by killing the Ice King. 

The Ice King was first introduced to Fortnite players at the very beginning of Season 7, on December 6, and was the centrepiece of the game's advertising at that stage. The buzz around the character, though, had seemingly started to quell, until the arrival of a brand new set of Ice Storm challenges and a whole bunch of new characters were leaked.

Will the character be killed? We'll have to wait and see.