Is Fortnite down? Players experiencing 'Login failed' errors, Epic Games working on fix [UPDATED]

by Alan Bernal


Update - January 29, 2019 (10:50am PST)

Epic Games have seemingly fixed the issue, as servers have returned to a "healthy state." The company will continue to monitor the status of their servers.

Just hours after Fortnite's v7.30 update went live, the servers look to have gone down as players are experiencing trouble accessing the game. 


Fortnite players are no doubt bombarding the servers since the v7.30 patch, but it seems that an unknown problem is creating an influx of login failures.

On Epic Game’s status site, the company has acknowledged the problem and are set on investigating the issue to hopefully come to a solution.


“Investigating - We have identified an issue with logins and some players may experience difficulty when attempting to connect to Epic Games services. We will keep you updated as we work towards a resolution,” Epic Games said.

While the status page on Epic Game's website initially said "Operational," everything has since switched to "Major Outage" as the problems look to have intensified.

The issues are reportedly spanning the entire Fortnite landscape, as Fortnite: Save the World players have also been logged out of the game.


Epic Games
Epic Games
A sad sight to see for many eager fans looking to drop into Fortnite.

The problem is a mirror of what happened on January 28, hours after the new patch landed. Whether that's an indication that the patch brought a process causing the outage or if it's because of another issue remains to be seen.

Fortnite has a lot of things in store for players, such as the Marshemello Festivus event and a slew of upcoming intricate skins which the company will look to introduce without a hitch.