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Intriguing Fortnite glitch could be hinting at upcoming map changes

Published: 5/Mar/2020 1:56

by Brad Norton


A fascinating glitch accidentally discovered in Fortnite could be indicating how the battle royale map will change in a future Season 2 update.

While recent leaks may have let slip the existence of helicopters in Fortnite’s game files, as well as their devastating damage output, a newfound glitch could be teasing a future map update to accommodate the aerial vehicles.

With helicopters soon to be appearing all over the map, certain changes could be on the way and this visual glitch might have provided a first look.

Epic Games
Helicopters could be the reason behind this bizarre visual glitch in Fortnite.

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Venturing through Pleasant Park late into a game on March 4, Reddit user ‘Par4d0x9’ was taken aback by a mesmerizing glitch in the distance.


 Instead of a building simply disappearing or looking slightly wonky, the visual bug seemed to reveal a completely altered version of the terrain.

Stopping in their tracks, the player zoomed in and out in rapid succession to show the bug on repeat as the buildings swapped back and forth.

Came across this render glitch, I guess this house will be updated soon from FortNiteBR

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One building is positioned more to the Southside of the map while the other jumps to the North, seemingly on opposite sides of a street. Both are relatively similar in terms of height and overall scale, however, the two are distinct in terms of accessibility and overall window count.


With helicopters potentially arriving in Fortnite’s next update, according to recent leaks, many in the Fortnite community are of the mindset that this visual glitch is a peek into the future as buildings are relocated to make room for helicopters.

The upcoming vehicle will be placed around the map, meaning that helipads will be a necessary addition. 

“I think it’s because there is a base below the soccer field with a helipad,” Reddit user ‘SadlyMyNameIsStolen’ expressed, outlining other sections on the map that might also be changed. “The field will open up later on during the season and these houses are right next to it, so they will be affected.”


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There’s no telling exactly when the new vehicle will make its mark on Epic’s popular battle royale title, but with more leaks slipping through the cracks and glitches appearing across the map, there’s a good chance their arrival is imminent.

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