Cizzorz talks death runs, life in FaZe and judging Fortnite Creative World Cup


Faze Clan member Jack ‘Cizzorz’ is one of the most popular Fortnite content creators on the planet with over 4.3 million subscribers on YouTube.

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The competitive gamer is known for playing first-person shooters and started uploading gameplays from Call of Duty: Black Ops to YouTube back in 2011.

Eventually, Cizzorz transitioned to the game that has dominated the gaming industry – Fortnite Battle Royale – becoming one of the most entertaining content creators in a fiercely competitive space.

INSTAGRAM:CIZZORZCizzorz quickly became one of the most popular Fortnite content creators on YouTube.
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In the search of new engaging ways to entertain his audience, Cizzorz introduced a new way of competing in Fortnite – death runs – and pointed to Halo as his inspiration.

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What was your inspiration for death runs?

Cizzorz: “Back in Halo Forge, there was a mode where you could make your own maps – I used to make race tracks and other courses back then. Before creative mode came out, I would hop into a playground game, build the course and complete it in the same hour. I was making my own death runs before I could share them with the world.”

Eventually, Epic added the hugely popular creative mode which allowed Cizzorz to share his creations with the world, even offering prize pools to players who could complete his courses, which were riddled with spike traps, in the fastest time.

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While Cizzorz expected his maps to be well received, he had no idea that so many huge content creators would take such an interest in them.

Cizzorz: “I definitely expected it to do well, but not as well as has done. I expected it to do well because people loved my content before I could share it. People loved watching me do them so I knew people would love doing it themselves – they’ve always asked for that.”

YOUTUBE:CIZZORZCizzorz’s death run created some hilarious moments of rage in the Fortnite community.
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Despite Epic announcing a massive $30 million prize pool for the upcoming Fortnite World Cup, Cizzorz insisted that his primary focus has always been content creation rather than being competitive in the game.

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Did you struggle to balance content creation with competing at the highest level?

Cizzorz: “I was always focused on creating content, never being the best. I’ve always been competitive but not in terms of being the best. I always want to win, but I’ve always been focused on content creation.”

As a result of his massive success in Fortnite, Cizzorz signed with FaZe Clan in March 2018 shortly after reaching 1 million subscribers on YouTube but the 22-year-old feels no pressure although he represents one of the largest organizations in the world.

Is it challenging to be a member of FaZe?

Cizzorz: “I don’t really see it as a challenge, I see it more as FaZe giving me the extra confidence and the boost to be able to do whatever I want to do. I was already doing my own thing and now FaZe is backing me so I’m able to freely do what I want to do and do it well.”

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Cizzorz believes that surrounding himself with creative and productive content creators is the best part of being in the FaZe family.

Cizzorz: “I’m constantly surrounded by people who want to do more and be better. Being able to hang out with other productive people and always be surrounded by positivity as well as that push to want more and keep being successful is the best.”

INSTAGRAM:CIZZORZCizzorz joined FaZe Clan after creating tons of impressive Fortnite content on YouTube and Twitch.

While Cizzorz may have no interest in competing in the battle royale World Cup, his concentration will instead be on the Fortnite Creative World Cup that was announced back at the start of April.

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Players will take part in five different challenges in the build-up to the event with Cizzors hosting one of the qualifiers and the FaZe star hinted at what he would be looking for in a potential winner.

What qualities are you looking for as a judge in the Fortnite Creative World Cup?

Cizzorz: “I’m going to be seeing who the best is, the fastest and for this one you’ll have to the most accurate as well, I’ll leave it at that but you’re going to have to be pretty creative.”

The tools in creative mode allow for some of the most challenging maps to be created, however, Cizzorz feels that Epic should look into adding ‘gravity chambers’ that would take death runs to the next level.

Cizzorz: “The main idea I have is something similar to anti-gravity. I want there to be barriers where gravity is flipped or changed in certain parts of the maps when people enter; gravity chambers essentially. It’s definitely possible because they’ve added similar stuff to that in the actual battle royale game.”

Epic Games

Given the amount of content creators on Fortnite, it’s harder than ever to become noticed and have your work viewed by millions so Cizzorz is teaming up with AXE Gaming to launch a contest which will help an aspiring streamer step into the spotlight.

What is the AXE ‘Find Your Magic’ contest?

Cizzorz: “I’m going to be running a contest with AXE – a contest to help players showcase their creativity and their passion to want to make it – I want to see what other people can come up with.”

The AXE Gaming contest will be live from May 1 – May 21 and fans will be asked to submit their most creative piece of content to have the chance to win.

INSTAGRAM:CIZZORZOne lucky winner will have the chance to play alongside the YouTube star.

He will be choosing one winner who will have the chance to be featured on stream and play alongside the YouTube superstar at VidCon.

How will you be selecting the competition winner?

Cizzorz: “I want someone to be confident in what they do and have that magic and passion behind what they’re doing. I want them to make sure they want it more than the next guy. I’m going to be taking them under my wing and playing with whoever I end up choosing at VidCon.”

Keep an eye on Cizzorz’s Twitter for more information on how to get involved with the contest.