Streamer Pulls off Insane 720 Bounce Pad No Scope Victory Royale on Fortnite

by Scott Mahoney


Up and coming streamer ‘FizzySportsLager’ hit an incredible 720 trick shot off a bounce pad with a hunting rifle to win the game during a Fortnite live stream.

Gamers have been attempting trick shots for as long as shooters have been around, but there is always excitement when one of those shots connects.


Fortnite Battle Royale continues to add new features and items into the game making the opportunity to capture sweet clips more and more prevalent. 

Snipers have often been the focus of trick shots as they typically allow users to slay opponents in one well-placed bullet. 


Often we see popular streamers attempt this kind of incredible shot as a flamboyant display of skill and luck.

On his stream ‘FizzySportsLager’ went all out for a sensational montage worthy moment, and it paid off in significant dividends. 

The streamer closed out the game in epic fashion by hitting the insane trick shot for an 11th kill and the win.


It is easy to appreciate a kill like that as many of us have attempted something very similar at one time or another.

For Fizz it seems as if he couldn’t believe he hit the shot as he quickly jumps out of his chair runs out of the room.