Incredible HUD customizer in Fortnite would give players full control of their screen

. 3 years ago

A new Fortnite Battle Royale concept could give console and PC players the chance to customize their HUD layout in any way they so choose. 

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While Epic Games’ super popular battle royale title has swept across the gaming world and into the mainstream like wildfire, it isn’t perfect. Fans and professional players have found plenty to pick out that they would like to see changed – with Epic putting some of those changes into action.

However, there are still some ideas they may be out of the reach of Epic but would certainly make things interesting, if the developers could to pull them off.

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Epic Games
Players can change the scale of their HUD but not how it looks.

One such idea is the HUD Customizer from Easkate. The creative fan showed off their creation to the FortniteBR subreddit – noting that players would be able to fully customize their HUD in whichever way they would want.

With the HUD Customizer, the days of having to squint to see parts of the map in the top-right hand corner of the screen or forgetting to check the bottom of your screen for your weapons would be long gone.

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Easkate showed that fans could choose to have a similar look to the esports broadcast in battle royale matches – meaning that the upper right-hand portion of the screen would see player’s names replaced by a team number.

There would also be the option to configure materials and prefabs in such a way that it would be even easier to build in creative mode – allowing for even more ingenious designs than normal. 

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Plenty of Redditors praised Easkate’s HUD Customizer concept, with one commenting: “This is a great idea. Good job.”

Others, though, doubted that Epic would even take the concept into consideration. Reddit user, The_Vipr, added: “We can’t even get an fov slider so I doubt they would ever do something like this. Great concept though.”

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Epic has taken fan-created ideas, like the Tender Defender skin and the Coconut health items, and put them in-game before. 

However, such a major change to the in-game look of the screen could be should that they have up their sleeves regardless of fan input.

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