Hysteria Demonstrates How to Fly Across Loot Late in Fortnite Using a Shopping Cart and Bounce Pads

The combination of Shopping Carts and the new Playground Limited Time Mode in Fortnite opens the door to virtually limitless possibilities of creative genius.

With nearly a whole hour of undisturbed fun available in the new mode, it’s only a matter of time before social media is filled with clips of players doing incredible stunts and acrobatic tricks.

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A recent example of this was done by Cloud9 streamer and Fortnite pro Jacob ‘Hysteria’ Reiser.

Using the freedom he had in the Playground LTM to his advantage, Hysteria demonstrated how to fly across Loot Lake using a Shopping Cart.

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The key to it all were the massive structures that he and his teammates built across the lake, each of which were topped with their own set of bounce pads.

Using a taller ramp at the start, Hysteria jettisoned his Shopping Cart high into the air and onto the first bouncer structure, which sent him to the next structure, and so on.

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Perhaps the best part about the stunt, other than its impeccable execution, was the use of the Eagle emote, which made Hysteria’s in-game character was in fact flying.

Of course, the whole thing was quite hilarious, and it makes one wonder what tricks players will come up with next with all the time they have in the Playground.

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