Huge Fortnite Season 3 leaks surface: theme, map changes, more

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A handful of major Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 3 leaks have surfaced – with some apparent intel about the fresh theme, map changes, strange new vehicles, and even a whole host of classic skins. 

With Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 2 drawing ever so slightly to its conclusion, fans have been gearing up and speculating about what is coming in season three. As usual, posters have popped up around the map – providing some clues and teasers about the direction of the new season.

However, if you’re not one for linking all the clues together and doing the hard yards to get an answer, Fortnite YouTuber Tabor Hill apparently has the inside scoop for a source – revealing how the map is going to shake up.

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Epic Games
The Top Secret theme of Fortnite Season 2 is making way for something new.

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Now, according to the YouTuber’s source, the theme for season three is all about water – with some parts of the map going underwater, though The Agency looks set to stay. While he didn’t offer any in-depth map changes, Tabor did note that a ridable Shark will apparently be a new vehicle to that you can still get around the map.

Aside from that, but sticking with the water theme, the YouTuber added that instead of Marvel making a return in the battle pass, DC Comics will take over and add Aquaman as the secret skin. 

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This would likely take the place of Deadpool and his challenges, meaning you’d be tasked with different quests each week in order to get some Aquaman cosmetics.

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Tabor also added that there would be a handful of reworked skins coming in season three, including a female variant of the original Black Knight skin. There would also be new spins on Dark Vanguard and Teknique.

Outside of cosmetics, the YouTuber’s source also claimed that environmental damage would be added in the form of fire. While there isn’t too much information on this, fans have speculated that you might be able to start a fire at the bottom of a building and watch it burn like Minecraft’s fire spread.

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Now, while the YouTuber’s source has been pretty reliable in the past, everything he claims is worth taking with a pinch of salt until the changes are actually made in-game.

Fortnite Season 3 is expected to kick off around Thursday, June 4, so we’ve got a little bit of a waiting game just yet.