Huge Fortnite leak reveals potential BRUTE Mech return

Epic Games

A Fortnite leaker has found what appears to be a half-constructed BRUTE mech suit following the Season 5 update, and some fans are concerned they could be set to make a return.

Fortnite’s Season 5 update is live and fans are getting stuck into the new content. As with any new season, numerous leakers attempt to find any clues on upcoming features by searching through the Fortnite game files.

These dataminers often find clues that hint at future content coming later in the season. Well, a discovery made by a leaker has some fans very concerned that mechs may be set to return to Fortnite.

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Epic Games
Mechs made their first appearance in Fortnite’s ‘Season X’.

Leaker finds half-constructed BRUTE mech in Season 5

Leaker FortTory has made an interesting discovery in the Fortnite game files that has a lot of fans very concerned. There appears to be a half-constructed BRUTE suit in the Season 5 Fortnite map.

This is a strange addition for Epic to include, even if the mech cannot currently be controlled by players and is just part of the map. It could suggest that we may potentially see the return of mechs at some point in Season 5.

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It’s no secret that the introduction of mechs in Fortnite’s ‘Season X’ was a polarizing update. A lot of fans simply hated the playstyle that the mechs encouraged and opted to leave the game for the season.

Now, this recent discovery has sparked mixed reactions from fans.

It seems unlikely that Epic would just reintroduce an old feature without making any changes.

The mech discovered by FortTory is under construction and could suggest a revamp of the mechs as a whole, as it looks a little different. There’s also a chance that Epic has no plans to reintroduce mechs and the half-constructed machine is just a throw-back to a past season.

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Whatever Epic has planned for Season 5, all we can do is wait and see and keep our fingers crossed that the season delivers on the hype.

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