How to watch Fortnite Fall Out Boy concert: Start time & creative code

Fortnite will host Fall Out Boy from State FarmEpic Games

Fall Out Boy is rocking out the Fortnite world on February 3. Here’s how to watch it and when it’s happening.

Fall Out Boy is putting on a live show in Fortnite on February 3 in collaboration with iHeartRadio. Dubbed an ‘Alter Ego Encore’, the event is part of the iHeartLand content.

This is a bit different from the official Fortnite-produced concerts, so getting involved is not quite as simple as before.

It’s still a straightforward process as long as you know how to get started, but If you need some help then follow the steps below.

How to watch Fall Out Boy in Fortnite: iHeartLand creative code and start time

According to the official Fortnite Twitter account, the show will kick off at 7 p.m. ET.

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To watch it go down in-game, players will need to load into the iHeartLand creative map with a specific code.

From the main menu, simply open up the playlist menu, select the Custom Key option, and enter these numbers when prompted: 6144-7573-9391

The event will be rewatchable for two days only, so fans who want to take part will only have 48 hours to catch their favorites in action.

It’s worth noting that this event is not endorsed by Epic Games, meaning that some of the developers’ usual restrictions may not be present for this show.

There will also be a trivia competition called ‘How Fan Are You’ to accompany the show.

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“Players will be asked multiple choice questions about the hosts and the show, and then answer by jumping on the square with the right answer. Keep answering correctly, and you’ll win more iHeartLand gold,” the official announcement reads.

That’s all there is to know for now. Go catch the show and watch Fall Out Boy light ‘it ’em up for the next two days.