How to visit all 7 Sky Platforms in Fortnite Battle Royale - Locations and guide for Season 9, Week 1

by Connor Bennett


v9.00 update. The start of the new Neo Tilted Towers and Mega Mall - to a new futuristic look.

That pesky Volcano has also been changed after it’s eruption following the ‘Unvaulting’ event on May 4. It is now known as ‘Pressure Plant’ and plays a key role in some of the early challenges - especially visiting the new Sky Platforms.  


Epic Games
Epic Games
The new Tilted Towers is one of the major changes to Season 9.

Fortnite Sky Platforms map

It’s a pretty simple challenge to complete, as you don’t really have to interact with other players if you don’t want to. The best way to do it is to hop on out of the battle bus and aim right for the locations that marked on the map above.

Sure, other players might be deciding to do the same thing too, but if you want to get the challenge out of the way as soon as possible, drop onto the platforms, wait for your progression bar to pop up and leave the game.

Each location of the Sky Platforms in Fortnite Battle Royale.


You won’t be able to miss the Sky Platforms in-game as they are hovering in the air between the newly introduced slipstreams - looking like a drone. Like the Pirate Camps from Season 8, they appear on the map but you might need eagle vision to see them properly.

As long as your challenge progression completes, you can leave the game and repeat the method over and over until the challenge is completed.

Fortnite Season 9 challenges

Completing the challenge will net you five Battle Stars towards you next Battle Pass level, and seeing as it’s week one, they're all pretty easy challenges to tick off and get your Season 9 off to a good start.