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How to use Fortnite stat tracker to look up wins, kills for Solos, Squads, Duos

Published: 21/Jul/2021 21:38

by Alan Bernal


Fortnite stat trackers are used to get in-depth information of your personal milestones like how many kills, wins, etc. you’ve earned throughout your games. Here’s how you can search your stats.

A lot of Fortnite trackers are used to stay up-to-date with your current performance or look up a friend’s stats to see how they’re progressing. Whatever you’re using it for you can get a top-down look at how games have been going.

There’s plenty of search engines you could use and some of them even have premium memberships to unlock some added perks depending on how much you’re willing to show off your own stats.


Fortnite stat trackers

Fortnite stat trackers can give you a really in-depth view of your performance.

These stat trackers all have the same formula that has you input an Epic username (Gamertag), and you can search from every platform or individually for PC, PlayStation, or Xbox.

Depending on how intricate you want to make your search, some Fortnite stat trackers even let you search specific stats throughout the many seasons of the game.

Popular Fortnite stat trackers:

While there’s plenty of options to choose from, the difference between most of the sites is how they lay out the information and how frequently they’re updated.

Epic Games
Fortnite stat trackers can even filter from different seasons of the game.

Moreover, some of them let you filter your Fortnite stats depending on what mode you’re more interested in like Solos, Duos, and Squads.


If you’re wondering how your recent stats stack up with popular Fortnite players like Bugha, Ninja, Tfue, and more, you can look up their profiles to compare.

As you’re putting in hours into Fortnite, there’s plenty that can change to your personal stats so taking a look over these every once in a while could give you a good idea of how you’re improving.