How to upgrade weapons in Fortnite Season 6, Chapter 2

Albert Petrosyan
Epic Games

Upgrading weapons in Fortnite have once again changed with the launch of the new season, and now players are even more restricted on where they can upgrade their weapons. Here’s where you can find all of the NPC’s who offer upgrades, as of Chapter 2 Season 6.

Upgrading weapons in Fortnite has been received generally well by the community. Instead of leaving your chance of getting higher-tier weapons entirely to luck, players can use other items to level-up the rarity in order to help even the playing field.

While upgrading your weapons has changed over the past few seasons since its introduction, players will need two things: gold bars and NPCs that offer upgrades. While the former is pretty easy to find, the latter can be a bit more difficult, especially since they’ve changed once again.

What NPCs upgrade weapons in Fortnite

Luckily, the full list of NPCs who offer upgrades as of Season 6 have been found by Twitter user and leaker Mike Dulaimi and its a bit of a smaller amount than it was previously. That being said, it’s still pretty easy to upgrade the weapons once you find the AI, so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem once you find them.

Jonesy The First

Epic Games
Jonesy The First can be found in Pleasant Park.

Jonesy The First is the one of the six NPC’s that offer upgrades within Fortnite Season 6. He can be found over in Pleasant Park, near the top of the map, under Stealthy Stronghold but above Boney Burbs.

Once you’re in Pleasant Park, you’ll need to go to the north-west part of it. Jonesy The First will be found inside of it. Find an upgradable weapon and interact with him.


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Bandolette is found at Flush Factory.

Another NPC that offers upgrades is Bandolette. She can be found over in the unnamed Flush Factory section. For those that don’t remember, this POI was originally a part of the Chapter 1 map and was added back into the game during Chapter 2 Season 5. It can be in the southern part of the map, below Slurpy Swamp.

As for Bandolette, she’s generally found close to the ocean, so search for her there once you land at Flush Factory.


Epic Games
Dummy can be found in the unnamed Compact Car section.

While Dummy also offer’s upgrades, he’s not found in the same place that he was during Season 5. While he was originally found north of Pleasant Park and sold The Dub shotgun, he can now be found in the unnamed Compact Car section of the map and no longer sells the weapon.

This unnamed POI can be found in between Dirty Docks and Colossal Crops and looks like a small Junkyard with a bunch of scrapped cars. Dummy shouldn’t be too hard to find as it’s such a small section.

The Reaper

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The Reaper is found in the Rocket League-themed house.

The Reaper, also known by fans as the knock-off John Wick skin that Epic created years ago before they actually collaborated with the film franchise, also offers weapon upgrades on eligible weapons.

To find him, all you have to do is go to the Boost Pad section of the map. Also unnamed, this is the Rocket League-themed house overlooking the beach near the west of the side of the map, south of Sweaty Sands.


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Remedy can be found in Craggy Cliff’s

The health-centered NPC is another carry-over from other map and can now be found in Craggy Cliffs, one of the most northern POI’s on the current map. She can be found in her own medic-centered section, on the east side of the point of interest, so she shouldn’t be too hard to find.


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Jules can be found on the east side of Camp Cod.

The final NPC who offers weapon upgrades in Season 6 is Jules. She can be found in the Camp Cod section of the map, which is, once again, an unnamed  located in southern part of the map. As for where she can be found within that location, just go to the east side of it in the big building.

Again, it’s worth nothing that for all of these NPCs, you’ll need an eligible weapon to upgrade it. While the game will tell you if a certain one is eligible when you get to the AI, generally speaking most weapons are, unless you’ve already upgraded it.

Of course, there’s always a chance that the number of NPCs who offer upgrades will change throughout the season, so check back on this article as we’ll be updating it with new info as time goes on.