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How to unlock the Escapist umbrella in Fortnite

Published: 18/May/2021 20:30 Updated: 18/May/2021 20:35

by Nick Farrell


A brand new umbrella has become unlockable within Fortnite. If you know anything about cosmetics in the battle royale, you are well aware that umbrellas are the best gliders to use! 

Cometic items have surged since the release of Fortnite back in 2017, the implementation of the battle pass along with the daily item shop has exploded the market in terms of possibilities.

One of the many cosmetic items players can unlock are gliders. These are the deployable items that players use to glide into the map. Now, a new one has released as a part of a new LTM within Fortnite and if you are looking to unlock the new umbrella you have come to the right place.


fn new ltem
Epic Games
The brand new Impossible Escape LTM

Fortnite Impossible Escape LTM

Fortnite has implemented a new LTM for players to check out for a limited time, and this new LTM is called Impossible Escape. They have also posted a blog post detailing all the content surrounding the new mode, but we are also going to run over everything you need to know.

Basically, players will be tasked with finding and repairing Choppas around the map, but at the same time, an angry horde of enemies will be after you. The game mode can either be played in PVP or PVE, and each offers different challenges for those playing.

One of the main differences between PVP and PVE in this new LTM is that in the latter there are three Choppa’s players that can repair and fly. As well, you can not damage others during the game mode. But, PVP only offers one Choppa for every team to escape in, so there is going to be a bit of chaos involved!


How to unlock the Escapist umbrella

The prize for finishing this new LTM is going to vary depending on the version of the Impossible Escape you are playing. For players taking part in the PVE action, you will be granted the Odds Loading Screen. 

While if you are playing the PVP version and you emerge as the last team standing, then you will be awarded the elusive Escapist umbrella, which is gorgeous!

In case you are wondering how long you are going to have to check out this LTM, Epic has noted that it is going to run until May 25, 2021 and will end at 9:00am EST.