How to pull off the new Tfue ‘ghost peek’ exploit in Fortnite

Andrew Amos
Epic Games

An old exploit has found its way back into Fortnite in a surprising new way, with the ‘ghost peek,’ popularized by Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney, now able to be used again in specific circumstances. Here’s how you can do it.

The ‘ghost peek’ strategy was employed by every top-level Fortnite player after people started to see Tfue use it to great success.

It worked by players peeking quickly out of the top of structures without showing themselves server-side, being able to shoot your opponents safely without much counterplay.

Ghost peeking in Fortnite
Epic Games
Ghost peeking abuses player hitboxes vs. their actual gun sightlines.

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While it was quickly patched out back in 2018, it seems to have reared its ugly head again in a recent patch, although it’s a lot harder to pull off.

It works on the same premise of crouching behind your build, peeking up briefly to take your shot, and quickly crouching back down. You jump to get out of the crouch, take a shot while your character model is still standing up, and then crouch again to get back down.

The window to pull off the timing of the shot is very small, as if you take too long, you’ll send yourself launching into the air instead of keeping yourself hidden.

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To get around this, setting some custom keybinds could help. You can bind the secondary keys for jump, fire, and crouch to three keys next to each other to make it as easy as rolling your fingers across your keyboard.

It also requires a very specific build formation. You have to set your build as a cone, before editing it into a right-leaning cone. The textures then allow you to quickly see over the top, get the shot off, and then crouch right back down.

If you aren’t a mouse-and-keyboard player, don’t stress, it’s still possible to pull off this exploit on controller. However, you need to get your timings even more precise, and some practice wouldn’t go astray so that it becomes second nature again.

Player abusing ghost peek exploit in Fortnite
YouTube: ZinquTV
It requires more precise timing than it once did, but the ghost peek exploit is doable.

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Since the footage of the exploit reappeared on Reddit on January 19, and was shared around by Ali ‘SypherPK’ Hassan, more players are now taking to abusing the quirk once again.

The new exploit is likely unintended and should be patched out soon, but while it’s around, you can incorporate it into your usual strategies.

If you aren’t confident in pulling it off yourself though, be careful for those who can, else you might be left scratching your head as to how you died.