How to improve your aim in Fortnite – Full explanation of utilizing the Port-A-Shooting-Range

Matt Porter

During the V6.20 update to Fortnite Battle Royale, Epic Games added the brand new Shooting Range item to Playgrounds mode, giving players a new way to hone their aiming skills before stepping onto the Battle Bus.

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The items look very similar to Port-A-Forts, and can be found in vending machines located just outside Tilted Towers. While these machines store and give out Port-A-Shooting-Ranges, they also give out items like the Port-A-Challenge where players shoot bots for coins, or the Port-A-Building-Challenge which allows players to practice their builds and edits.

The Shooting Range item comes in four rarities, with the difficulty of the range increasing every time the rarity of the item does. Once placed, the Port-A-Shooting-Range has four more vending machines, that allow users to choose which guns they want to practice with.

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The common rarity item spawns two AI controlled bots which stand still, while the uncommon version of the Port-A-Shooting-Range has the two bots running from side to side, meaning players will have to track their enemies while they aim to ensure they hit their shot.

The rare Port-A-Shooting-Range sees the bots running in circles, making it even harder to track their movement, while the Epic version requires players to snipe a mixture of moving and still targets from long rage.

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YouTuber ‘Beaks’ suggests building up into the air before placing the Port-A-Shooting-Range, as if you attempt to place the item on sloped ground, it will glitch through the earth and won’t work properly.

The Port-A-Shooting-Range was included in the latest update for Fortnite, which included a brand new weapon and the introduction of the Fortnitemares Limited Time Event.