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How to get the Marksman Six Shooter exotic weapon in Fortnite Season 6

Published: 11/May/2021 11:19 Updated: 11/May/2021 12:27

by Daniel Megarry


Epic Games have introduced a brand new exotic weapon to Fortnite. It’s called the Marksman Six Shooter, and you’ll need to visit a specific NPC in order to purchase it.

Beginning with Chapter 2 Season 5, a new class of weapons known as exotics began appearing in Fortnite. These powerful and unique weapons can only be purchased by NPCs using the in-game currency known as Gold Bars, so they’re quite rare.

Exotics were carried across to Season 6, but there aren’t as many of them around as before. Fortunately, Epic are slowly adding new exotic weapons into the mix, and the latest is the Marksman Six Shooter, which was introduced in the v16.40 update.


Following on from the recently added Unstable Bow, here’s everything you need to know about the new Marksman Six Shooter exotic weapon including which NPC you’ll need to visit to purchase it.

Marksman Six Shooter location in Fortnite

Fortnite Marksman Six Shooter
Epic Games
The Marksman Six Shooter can be found here.

You won’t find the Marksman Six Shooter as floor loot or in chests. Like all other exotic weapons in Fortnite, you’ll need to visit an NPC to purchase it – in this case, you’ll need to find Deadfire on the map.

Fortunately, Deadfire is a static NPC, so he won’t move around the Island. He’s currently found inside the Sheriff’s Office, which is a recently-added landmark northwest of Lazy Lake, across the river.


Here’s how to get the Marksman Six Shooter in Fortnite:

  1. Travel to the Sheriff’s Office northwest of Lazy Lake.
  2. Enter the building and look for Deadfire (he’ll have a speech bubble above his head).
  3. Speak to Deadfire.
  4. Select the Marksman Six Shooter option.
  5. Click again to confirm your selection.

The weapon will now appear in your inventory and can be used with any Medium Bullets you have.

How much does the Marksman Six Shooter cost?

Fortnite Deadfire Marksman Six Shooter
Epic Games
Deadfire will sell you the Marksman Six Shooter in Fortnite Season 6.

Once you know which NPC to visit, getting the Marksman Six Shooter is pretty easy. You’ll need to come prepared, though, as it will cost you 400 Gold Bars to purchase – and you’ll only get to use it for one match, so make it count.

If you’re running low on the in-game Fortnite currency, we’ve got a quick and easy guide for getting more Gold Bars that covers all bases and should help you out.


Is the Marksman Six Shooter any good?

Time will tell whether or not the Marksman Six Shooter revolver becomes a fan-favorite exotic weapon in Fortnite or ends up being left to gather dust, but we can tell a few things from the stats of the gun.

It’s a fast-firing sidearm with a magazine size of 6 and a reload time of 2.1 seconds. While it only deals 24 body damage to opponents, it does deal bonus critical damage with headshots, so if you’ve got a steady aim, it could be a winner.

Personally, we think there are better exotic weapons to spend your hard-earned Gold Bars on. For those, make sure you check out our complete Fortnite Season 6 exotic weapons location guide.