How to get the Gold Lara Croft skin in Fortnite Season 6

Fortnite Gold Lara Croft SkinEpic Games

A brand new alternate skin for Lara Croft has gone live in Fortnite Season 6. It’s called the Lara Croft (Gold Anniversary) style, and here’s all the information you need to unlock it.

When Fortnite Season 6 premiered back in March 2021, players were ecstatic to see that gaming icon Lara Croft was part of the Battle Pass, along with several alternate styles like a modern outfit and a classic 1990s outfit.

But one leaked style, a golden Lara Croft known as Lara Croft (Gold Anniversary), has been unavailable since the season began, and players were slowly beginning to wonder if it would ever be released.

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Fortunately, the wait is now over, as the skin style has been added as part of the v16.40 mid-season update. Getting it will require you to complete a specific series of actions, so we’re here to break it down for you.

How to get Lara Croft (Gold Anniversary) skin in Fortnite

Fortnite gold SCAR and OreliaEpic Games
You need this weapon to unlock Gold Lara Croft.

In order to get the new Gold Lara Croft outfit, players will need to head to the new island landmark that’s appeared south of Flush Factory on the map. It’s called Isla Nublada, and it’s got a set of ruins on top of it.

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When you land, you’ll notice a speech bubble belonging to Orelia, a new NPC that was added in the v16.40 update. She’ll be stood next to table with a Golden gun on it – this is what you’re looking for.

Here’s how to get Lara Croft (Gold Anniversary) in Fortnite:

  1. Make sure you’re wearing the Lara Croft skin before you begin.
  2. Travel to the island south of Flush Factory as soon as you leave the Battle Bus.
  3. Look for the Orelia NPC (she’ll have a speech bubble above her head).
  4. On the table next to her, there will be a golden SCAR Assault Rifle.
  5. Pick this up, and you’ll transform into Gold Lara Croft.
  6. The golden style is now yours to keep!
Fortnite Lara Croft Gold Anniversary skinEpic Games
Lara Croft’s Gold Anniversary style is finally in Fortnite.

Be aware that when you pick up the golden SCAR Assault Rifle, the Orelia NPC will begin to attack you, as this is ‘her’ weapon that you just stole. Either run away quickly or stay and put up a fight.

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Some players have also reported that they had to wear one of the ‘classic’ Lara Croft styles instead of the modern one to unlock the Gold Anniversary style, so it might be worth wearing one of those just to be safe.

Fortnite Isla Nublada & Orelia location

Fortnite Isla Nubada locationEpic Games
Here’s where to find Orelia in Fortnite Season 6.

The location of Isla Nublada, the island where you’ll find the Orelia NPC and the golden Scar weapon, is marked on the map above to make finding it much easier.

It’s probably worth pointing out that almost every player who owns the Battle Pass is going to be heading to this new island in an attempt to get the Gold Lara Croft skin, so you’ll have plenty of competition.

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Only the player who picks up the golden SCAR Assault Rifle first will be rewarded with the Lara Croft (Gold Anniversary) skin, so you’ll need to act fast or simply wait until the hype dies down in a few days.

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