How to get secret Fortnite Banana Badge Emote

by Andrew Amos


The Banana Badge in Fortnite is now available for players to get, although you’ll need to put on your detective hats to find it. Fortunately, if you were a bit stumped, we’ve got the hints for each room below.

The Fortnite Chapter 2 event is heating up. While Season 3 might be delayed for now, the story is still continuing, with more tidbits being dropped across the game.

One of these is the Banana Badge, an emote players can grab if they know where to look. It’s only here for a limited time only, so if you want to get it before the end of the event, read on.

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Find Agent Peely in all five rooms and you'll get the Banana Badge.


How to get Fortnite’s Banana Badge emote

You’ll have to go through all five rooms to get the Banana Badge. These are all accessible from the main menu screen by navigating to the Agents section.

Each room has a different code to tap in to find Peely, and once you find Peely in all the rooms, you’ll get the Banana Badge emote.

Looking for the clues? We’ve listed them all down below.

Room 1 ⁠— Brutus

Hit the four red valves at the back of the room. Once you’ve tapped all four valves, a bit of steam should come out of the vents, and Peely will pop up from behind the computer desk.


Room 2 ⁠— TNTina

In the back of the room, there’s a machine next to the rocket rack. You’ll need to rotate the dials and wait a few seconds for the machine to short out.

Once it explodes, Peely will pop out from the fridge on the far-right of the room.

Room 3 ⁠— Meowscles

On top of the play tower on the far-left, there’s a stuffed cat. Keep clicking the cat until it gets knocked off the top. Once knocked off, Peely will pop out from behind the play tower.


Room 4 ⁠— Skye

On Skye’s wall, there are some stars. Four of them will be clickable. After clicking all four stars, Skye’s room should light up, and Peely will appear.

Room 5 ⁠— Midas

On the right hand side of the room, there’s a gramophone. Click and hold to get the music playing, and Peely will pop out behind one of the paintings on the left hand side.

If you're looking for a visual runthrough of each, check out the following post from Reddit user kmonkeyk1. 

How to get the banana badge through all the rooms. from r/FortNiteBR


After you complete all these missions, you’ll see the Banana Badge emote pop up in your inventory, ready to equip alongside your other cosmetics.

You only need to do Brutus, Meowscles, and Midas to complete the mission. The ones in TNTina and Skye’s rooms are only easter eggs, and won’t impact your ability to get the Banana Badge. However, you’ll be able to say you solved all the riddles in each room, and wear that badge with pride.