How to get more XP in Fortnite Chapter 2

Connor Bennett

Epic Games have made it easier for players to rack up huge amounts of XP inFortnite Chapter 2 appears to have been a success for Epic Games, as they finally added a long-awaited new map to their ever-popular battle royale title. 

The build-up to the huge update, which followed nearly two whole days of having to watch a black hole instead of playing games, came with a tag line of ‘less grind and more fun’. While some players have debated the truth of that, noting how much XP it takes to level up your battle pass at the later stages, Epic has swooped in with a change.

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epic games
Fortnite Chapter 2 has given players a whole new map to enjoy.

In the v11.01 patch, which was dropped on October 22, the developers boosted the XP which players get from their daily punch cards. 

Instead of getting two thousand, four thousand, and six thousand XP, players will now receive eight thousand and sixteen thousand for their daily medals. That means that a total of 96,000 XP per daily punchcard that is filled out.

A look at the new Fortnite Chapter 2 daily XP punchcard.
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However, the significant boost in daily XP is not the only change that Epic have made in order to make leveling up easier.

According to leaker iFireMonkey, challenges are also changing and players will receive 52,000 XP per challenge instead of the 14,000 currently up for grabs. That change won’t come until the week three challenges are live, however, so players can still add that 14,000 to their belt for the time being. 

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So, how hard is it now to reach level 100? Well, one Redditor, Plugtoll ran the math on that task and it has become significantly easier.

Players who have to miss days of play for whatever reason can leave around 15 punchcards undone or not complete a full two weeks of challenges.

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Of course, if it becomes far too easy to level up and everyone is achieving the top levels on their battler passes, Epic could very well step in and make another change.

Yet, considering their new more fun, less grind mantra, this seems unlikely, so make sure you’re hoovering up all that new XP.