How to get free Fortnite Tango skin in $1 million PS4 Celebration Cup

by Connor Bennett


Epic Games have confirmed the next console tournament in the form of the Fortnite Celebration Cup on PS4. You can grab some exclusive loot for taking part so let’s check it out. 

While the wait for new content and Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 2 goes on, Epic Games have confirmed that they will be hosting a PlayStation 4 only tournament before the new season gets underway. 

The tournament will follow a similar structure to the Xbox-only event that took place back in July.  Players will compete in their own region for a slice of the eye-watering $1,000,000 prize pool but, for those who don’t reach the top, there are still exclusive rewards up for grabs that will set you apart from some of your battle royale foes.

Three Fortnite characters using the game's Fishing Rod.
Epic Games
Cosmetics are an easy way to set yourself apart from the crowd in Fortnite.


When the online tournament kicks off on February 15, eligible PlayStation 4 players will be able to grab the Tango skin, Wild Accent pickaxe, and the Take Cover Spray for performing well inside their respective region.

Though, you won’t just be handed them all. Only the top 5% of players will grab the skin, the top 25% will claim the pickaxe, while the top 50% of players will take home the spray. 

It’s unknown if the exclusive, free cosmetics will stack up depending on your finishing position – so we can’t say for certain that if you end up finishing in the top 5% that you will get all three. Though, that does seem a likely reward for your hard work.

An image of Fortnite cosmetics for the Celebration Cup
Epic Games
These are the three cosmetic items that players can earn in the Fortnite Celebration Cup


To be eligible to take part in the PlayStation event, though, you will have to make sure that your Fortnite account is at least level 15 and that two-factor authentication is enabled on your Epic Games account. 

If you are eligible, the cosmetics can be won on day one – February 15 – once the tournament appears in the ‘compete’ tab on Fortnite. Day two – February 16 – is all about cash, with the top 4,000 players winning a slice. So, best of luck!