How to get free Fortnite rewards by watching World Cup with YouTube Drops

Matt Porter
Epic Games

Epic Games have announced a new rewards system that will offer Fortnite fans free cosmetic items for watching live broadcasts of the Fortnite World Cup on YouTube.

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The developers of the popular battle royale title announced on Thursday, July 18 that they had entered into a special partnership with YouTube, that will reward anyone who watches specific livestreams on the site with cosmetic items as a gift.

This new system kicks off today on July 18, and here’s what you need to do to get your hands on some sweet new items.

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How do I get Fortnite rewards through YouTube Drop?

Getting rewards on YouTube Drop is simple, as players simply need to link their YouTube and Epic Games accounts together.

Doing this is simple, but you’ll need to have access to both the Epic and YouTube accounts you want to link together. Once you have successfully logged into YouTube on a desktop browser:

  1. Go to accounts and select Settings 
  2. Under the “Connected accounts section, select your Epic Games account.
  3. Click or tap CONNECT.
  4. Sign into your Epic Games account.

Once your accounts have been connected, you will need to watch 20 minutes of a livestreamed broadcast on from the official Fortnite channel.

Players will be able to link their Epic Games account to their YouTube channel.
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When can I earn my YouTube Drop rewards?

Thankfully, Epic Games have revealed when players will be able to watch live broadcasts, meaning it should be fairly easy for you to tune in and catch the action direct from the developers themselves.

There are currently four live broadcasts scheduled by Epic, with each day offering a different reward for tuning in. The days and events from which players can earn a YouTube Drop are:

  • Thursday, July 25 – Game Jam Hollywood premiere (12:30pm EST / 9:30am PST / 5:30 PM BST)
  • Friday, July 26 – Fortnite World Cup Finals Day 1 live broadcast
  • Saturday, July 27 – Fortnite World Cup Finals Day 2 live broadcast
  • Sunday, July 28 – Fortnite World Cup Finals Day 3 live broadcast

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What are the rewards from Fortnite’s YouTube Drop?

Each day of YouTube Drop will offer a special reward, with players able to earn a maximum of three cosmetic items across the weekend. These include two special sprays that can be used in-game, alongside a weapon wrap that can be used on any gun.

The rewards for each day are:

  • July 25 – Game Jam Spray
  • July 26 – Game Jam Spray
  • July 27 – World Cup Spray
  • July 28 – Red Line Wrap

A look at the rewards for the Fortnite World Cup YouTube Drops.
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As it stands, YouTube Drops will only take place throughout the Fortnite World Cup weekend, but it’s possible we may see more rewards released as part of future events.

Remember, you need to watch 20 minutes of footage from the live broadcast to earn your reward, so make sure you’ve received it in your in-game inventory before closing the stream.