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How to get Fortnite’s exclusive K-Pop iKONIK skin – Samsung trailer, details and more

Published: 21/Feb/2019 10:45 Updated: 4/Mar/2019 22:32

by David Purcell


Fortnite Season 8 has already given us a variety epic skins so far, but there’s nothing like getting your hands on some exclusive content – and some players can soon do just that. 

Samsung have announced that their newly revealed Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+ and S10e Android devices will bring a brand new Fortnite cosmetic bundle with it. 


The arrival of the new iKONIK skin and Scenario emote, which were both leaked on February 28 by data miners, are inspired by Jung Chanwoo from Korean pop band iKON and will be made available exclusively to owners of those devices on March 8. 

The new IKONIK skin (left) was one of many outfits leaked by data miners at the beginning of Season 8.

Redeem your exclusive skin

In order to get your hands on the new iKONIK outfit and emote, you’re going to have to follow a few first steps.

  • Head over to the Galaxy Apps store and find Fortnite on your Samsung Galaxy device. 
  • Click install and open the application once it has finished. 
  • Log into Fortnite or create an account. 
  • Head over to the Store tab inside the app to claim your iKONIK cosmetic bundle.
  • Type in your billing information after you have redeemed the package. 
  • Return to Fortnite Battle Royale and the iKONIK set should appear in your inventory.

Lead your squad to victory with the new iKONIK outfit. Get iKONIK now when you get the Galaxy S10+. Don’t just separate yourself on the battlefield—do it like a K-Pop star. See how you can get the outfit inspired by K-Pop sensation Jung Changwoo from the band iKON.

If you would like to take a closer look at the skin and emote, Samsung have posted a teaser trailer to their official YouTube channel – as seen below. 

Event details

Samsung will be hosting an event at New York City’s Meatpacking district on March 16 to celebrate the arrival of their new product line, their partnership with the K-Pop group and Fortnite – with popular streamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins set to appear. 

Ninja has already made a big announcement ahead of that event, though, teasing that their will be a brand new landscape on show. 


“A brand new map, exclusive to Fortnite,” Ninja told his viewers. “That’s right, a brand new map, literally built for this event.”

This is the first time Epic Games will have explored the idea of creating a new map for Fortnite since the game was released in September 2017. However, the likelihood is that the map will be a one-off for Samsung’s promotion. 

NinjaNinja has been the star of high profile events in the past.

Ninja will be hoping for a similar turnout to that of his New Year’s Eve Twitch event in Time’s Square, which turned out to be one of the most talked about broadcasts of 2018 – for both good and bad reasons. 


Thousands of people stood outside in the rain that day and sensationally rejected his attempts to have them floss in the cold weather – during a stream that lasted from 4pm to 4am. 

Samsung and Ninja will be hoping that this event not only tops his last in terms of publicity, but perhaps they’re crossing their fingers for good weather, too. 


Fortnite just secretly added Galactus to the map as Season 4 finale looms

Published: 14/Oct/2020 4:29 Updated: 14/Oct/2020 4:45

by Isaac McIntyre


The current Fortnite big bad buy, Galactus, has finally appeared in battle royale, in a secret change in patch v14.30 on Oct. 13. The iconic Marvel villain can now be spotted in the sky above Fortnite island ahead of the looming Season 4 finale.

It’s no secret world-eating Marvel villain Galactus is on his way to Fortnite island ⁠— he was shown flying through space in the very first Season 4 trailer ⁠— but up until now, he has been a threat outside the game, rather than in the battle royale.


All that has changed after the patch v14.30 update on October 13, however; the Devourer of Worlds can now be spotted in Fortnite, flying towards the battle royale’s Chapter 2 map.

In classic Epic Games fashion, this new arrival wasn’t mentioned anywhere in the Fortnite v14.30 patch notes, but Dexerto has all the details on Galactus’ surprise appearance, thanks to a series of leaks, and some eagle-eyed Fortnite players.

Marvel villain Galactus is on his way to destroy the Fortnite island in Season 4.
Epic Games
Marvel villain Galactus is on his way to destroy the Fortnite island in Season 4.

First off, you’ll be wanting to know where Galactus is. Well, once you’re in any battle royale match, look up. You should be able to see the Devourer of Worlds as a tiny pinpoint in the sky, flying towards his impending Fortnite showdown.

He is still quite small at the moment, so you can be forgiven for missing him. A telltale sign you’ve locked eyes with Galactus is the bright red beam, and his signature helmet.

Here’s a proper look at the Marvel villain in Fortnite after patch v14.30:

Galactus can be spotted way off in the distance after Fortnite patch v14.30.
Epic Games
Galactus was secretly added to the Fortnite skyline after v14.30 went live on October 13.

Yeah we know, he’s not much to look at now. But according to new Fortnite leaks, including some from famed dataminer Lucas7yoshi and more from iFireMonkey as well, the Devourer of Worlds is only going to get closer in the Season 4 finale.

The in-game model, which looks the same as Galactus in the original Fortnite x Marvel trailer, is codenamed “Distant_Object_2,” according to iFireMonkey.

Lucas7yoshi also revealed a new Marvel event folder has also been added in v14.30. In the new loading files, a full Galactus mesh has been deployed. A series of references to planets and the Fortnite main menu holo-table are also included.


“Some particle effects from the “final_impact” of ‘The End’ [the Season 10 event that ended Fortnite’s first chapter] were re-added, and are likely to be reused,” L7Y added.

Galactus hasn’t only appeared in the sky either. The main menu holo-table has already had a secret update too; Galactus now appears as an “impending threat” above the map at random times, pinpointed by a bright red targeting system.


For now, that seems to be all the secret Marvel changes Fortnite made after the v14.30 update, but keep your eyes peeled! As the Galactus showdown looms in the distance, Epic Games will likely keep adding little teasers.

Right now, we’re in Week 7 of a planned ten-week schedule for the Marvel season. That means there may be just one more patch before the Galactus showdown at the end of the fourth season. It’s getting pretty close!