How to get Deadpool skin in Fortnite Season 2

Epic Games

Epic Games revealed Marvel’s popular Deadpool character as a Battle Pass exclusive skin for Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 2, much to the surprise of players, and here’s how to get it.

The game’s latest major update has been very much centered around a gold theme, but on February 20 – when the v12.00 patch went live – there’s two words that appear to be heading the advertising for Season 2 – Top Secret.

While fans will be hoping that update changes aren’t top secret, as they have been for quite some time in the absence of patch notes, two trailers for the new season were actually quite revealing. One of the new skins was confirmed to be Deadpool, a popular character from the Marvel comic series.

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Deadpool skin in FortniteEpic Games
Deadpool’s new Fortnite skin was revealed at the end of the Battle Pass trailer for Season 2.

Closer look at Deadpool in Fortnite

There has already been some crossover between Fortnite and Marvel in the past, with The Avengers making their way into the battle royale game in Season 8, and now Deadpool has also been added to Epic Games’ vast collection of skins.

The skin caught many members of the game’s community off guard, with leaker HYPEX showing off the skin soon after the patch went live in-game, as seen below. Anyway, let’s take a look at how you can get your hands on it.

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How to get Fortnite’s Deadpool skin

The first set of clues for getting Fortnite’s Deadpool skin were found on the day of the update, as seen in a post from FireMonkey. We now know that using the computer inside Deadpool’s secret hideout, you will access a list of challenges to complete – with new ones being added weekly.

  1. Click on a vent in Fortnite Season 2 menu to enter a secret room, and load up the computer (only for Battle Pass owners).
  2. Obtain Deadpool’s letter to Epic Games.
  3. Don’t thank the bus driver when jumping from Battle Bus.
  4. Find three of Deadpool’s Chimichangas in the Battle Pass HQ.
  5. Find one of Deadpool’s Milk Cartons in his secret hideaway.
  6. Find Deadpool’s plunger next to his toilet.
  7. Destroy 3 toilets.
  8. Find Deadpool’s Katanas. One in his mirror, one in Maya’s upgrade vault.
  9. Deal damage to opponent’s structures (10,000).
  10. Find Deadpool’s stuffed unicorn in Meowscles gym.
  11. Visit all five colored bridges and embrace the rainbow.
  12. Find Deadpool’s Big Black Marker.
  13. Visit three SHADOW or GHOST recruitment posters. You can find all three in Frenzy Farm.
  14. Wait until more challenges appear on Deadpool’s computer and complete them accordingly.

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Where is Deadpool’s secret room?

After clicking the vent and accessing the computer inside Deadpool’s secret hideout, you will see a list of challenges on screen. These will be updated as the season goes on and once they are all completed, presumably players will be rewarded with the skin.

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Deadpool secret room in Fortnite Season 2Epic Games
Here’s the vent you need to click in the Fortnite menu to access Deadpool’s secret hideout.

Deadpool Week 1 challenge reward

Completing these themed tasks appear to allow players to unlock a number of Marvel-inspired rewards, too, as seen with this banner for Week 1 of the Deadpool challenges.

Epic Games
The Deadpool challenges’ Week 1 reward is this banner.

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How to find Milk Carton and Chimichangas

For Week 2, another two tasks were added, as we have to find Deadpool some food and drink. His Milk Carton can be found next to his cubicle, while the three Chimichangas are dotted around the HQ. The first is under the main challenge table, the second in Maya’s upgrade vault, and finally the last can be found on the table in Brutus’ briefing room.

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How to find plunger and Destroy toilets 

For week 3, it’s time to get messy. You’ll need to find Deadpool’s plunger in the toilet, and then destroy three toilets on the map.

How to find Katanas

For week 4, you only need to find one item type – Deadpool’s Katanas backbling. You’ll find the first sliced through his door in the HQ. The second is in Maya’s upgrade vault.

How to find stuffed Unicorn and visit bridges

In Week 5, you’ll find Deadpool’s stuffed unicorn in Meowscle’s gym, and then need to visit each of the five-colored steel bridges to embrace the rainbow.

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More challenges are expected to be released for the Deadpool skin in the weeks ahead as well. We’ll continue to update this article with more information in the future, including guides for specific challenges.