How to Find the Secret Fortnite Battle Pass Star for Week 2, Season 5 Road Trip Challenge

There is another hidden battle star to find on the Fortnite map for week 2 of season 5, as part of the new ‘Road Trip’ set of challenges.

Similar to the ‘Blockbuster’ challenges from season 4, the new ‘Road Trip’ set unlock a loading screen each week, and hidden within is the location of the star for that week.

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The battle pass stars will help boost you up the ranks of the battle pass, but after completing all seven of the Road Trip challenges there is also a special reward.

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A hidden skin of some kind is locked behind Road Trip challenges, but because you can only complete one of the tasks each week, it will take a full seven weeks to receive the mystery skin.

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This new loading screen, which you will unlock after completing all the weekly challenges (for week 2), is inspired by the new sports theme in Fortnite, this time Golf.

As you can see just vaguely on the roof of the building, there is an outline of a star (highlighted in red), so this week’s clue is pretty obvious.

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You will need to head to the new ‘Lazy Links’ area on the map, one of the new additions for season 5, and you will find the star directly on top of the tallest spire on the building.

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Remember, the star will only appear after you have completed all the weekly challenges for week 2 of season 5.

You can find the full list of challenges and guide for the week 2 challenges here, to help you fly through them in no time.

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