How to find the secret Fortnite Banner that replaces the Battle Star for the Week 2 Hunting Party Challenge

by Ross Deason


Each week of Season 6 in Fortnite Battle Royale there is a bonus challenge that can only be unlocked after completing all of the others. Here’s how to complete Week 2 Hunting Party challenge!


In the past, with the Blockbuster and Road Trip challenges, the secret item has usually been a Battle Star which, once collected, grants you a free Battle Pass tier and gets you one step closer to unlocking a mystery skin.

However, in Week 8 and 9 of Season 5’s Road Trip, Epic Games threw a curveball by sending players to search for a hidden Banner instead - something that they now seem to be doing in just the second week of the Hunting Party.


It’s not entirely certain why the developers are opting to go with a Banner this week, and we can’t 100% guarantee that it definitely will be one until we’ve completed all of the standard Week 2 challenges, but finding it will involve the same process as any other week.

First and foremost, you will need to check out the Week 2 loading screen, which contains a hint about where the Banner is located. Or you could just let us do it for you…


The image is pretty dark, but it seems to be showing the banner pointing towards a carriage, meaning that you’ll need to head towards the carriage in Paradise Palms to collect it.

If you’re not entirely sure where that might be, we’ve marked the exact location on the map below.

If you have completed all of the standard Week 2 challenges the Banner will be automatically unlocked. Simply go to the location marked and interact with it to add it to your locker.

We will update this post with a video tutorial when the challenges are live.