How to find secret Fortnite battle star for Week 3 Discovery Challenge – Location and Guide

The Week 3 challenges in Fortnite Season 8 bring with them another opportunity for a hidden battle star on the map, and we’ve found its location so you don’t have to.

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You will first need to complete the Week 3 challenges in full, which will unlock the new loading screen, before you are able to find this star on the map.

However, since the Week 3 loading screen has already been leaked by data miners, the clues that lead you to the hidden star are already available to check out.

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As highlighted above, the clue for the Week 3 battle star location is inscribed in the wall, and relates directly to the shrine like area on the map.

It’s a pretty obscure spot, so if you’re not sure where this is, you’ll need to head just east of the volcano, and just south of Sunny Steps, one of the new Season 8 POI’s.

There, you will find a small shrine/cave area, similar to that drawn on the wall in loading screen. Once you have completed the Week 3 challenges, the star should appear here to collect.

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The exact location of the star marked on the map.
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Here’s what the location looks like in-game.

YouTube / Gamer Hex

We’ll have a full guide for all the Week 3 challenges when they become available.

If you haven’t found the hidden banner for week 2, we’ve got a full guide for that too.

Remember, the star won’t appear on the map until you’ve completed all the Week 3 challenges and unlocked the loading screen. 

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