How to find secret Fortnite battle star for Week 1 Discovery challenge

by Calum Patterson


There's a brand new set of challenges in Fortnite for Season 8, called 'Discovery', and for week one, there is a hidden battle star to find on the map.


Discovery is the name of the challenges for this new season, but they will operate similarly to previous 'Road Trip' and 'Snowfall' challenges from seasons past.

Each week, you will have to complete the weekly challenges (see the Week 1 challenges here), and once you have done so, a hidden battle star will be on the map for you to find.


However, you will have to do some treasure hunting to find it, with the clue to the star's location hidden in the weekly loading screens - which you will unlock after completing the weekly challenges.

For week 1, the loading screen shows the star on top of the tower in the back of the image.

The location of the hidden battle star is shown in the week one loading screen.


If you're not sure where this is on the map yet, we've marked it below on the new Season 8 map.

Head to the top of the tower to find the battle pass star.

Remember, the star will not appear at this location until you have completed the week 1 challenges, and unlocked the new loading screen.