How to find secret Fortnite Banner for Week 6, Season 7 Snowfall challenge - Battle Star replaced

by Ross Deason


Week 6 of the Snowfall challenge in Fortnite Battle Royale will see the secret Banner return once once again, meaning a new Banner can be added to your inventory but there will be no free Battle Pass tier.


The Snowfall challenge is an ongoing bonus challenge that runs throughout Season 7. If players complete enough of the challenges before the end of the season, they will be rewarded with the mystery Snowfall skin.

The challenge is much like the Hunting Party challenge from Season 6 - players that complete all of a week’s standard challenges will unlock a loading screen that contains a hint for where to find a hidden Battle Star or Banner.

The loading screen for the sixth week of the season was leaked well in advance of the Week 6, meaning we already had a good idea of where you needed to look in order to complete the challenge when it went live on Thursday, January 9.


The loading screen for Week 6 of Season 7 can be found below. We’ve highlighted the hint for you:

As always, the hint for the Snowfall challenge can be found in the loading screen.

This clue means that the Banner can be found inside the southeast corner of the map, south of Paradise Palms and east of Lucky Landing.

The exact location should be on top of one of the Devil’s Towers (the mountainous towers of rock) in the middle of a circle of trucks/RVs. We’ve marked the exact spot on the map below.


The Banner should be right in the middle of the RV crown.

Once you’ve completed all seven of the standard challenges for Week 6, the Snowfall challenge will be unlocked and the Banner should be available for collection.

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