How To Find Secret Battle Star Hidden on Fortnite Map For Season 4

by Calum Patterson


With season 4 of Fortnite Battle Royale released this past week, there have been a lot of changes implemented into the game, including new map locations, challenges and skins.

And of course, with a new season comes a whole new fresh rank system to grind your way through again, with tier 100 earning you the most epic of gear.


There is no ‘fast’ way to rank up the levels, but without a doubt the most efficient way is to focus on the challenges which come out each week.

Crucially, you will want to focus on one set of challenges in particular, as some fans have noticed it will unlock a secret battle star hidden on the map.


The new blockbuster challenges, which are unique to season 4, task you with complete a certain number of challenges in a week, and for week 1, you need to complete all seven.

The new 'Blockbuster' Challenges

Once you have completed all the challenges for week 1, you will unlock this new loading screen.

As reddit user Bfor45 highlights, this loading screen will show the location of the hidden star.

The hidden star is visible in the unlocked loading screen


Simply go to the prison area on the map and on one of the roofs you will see the battle star floating – which will earn you 10 stars towards ranking up.

Remember though, this will only appear once you have completed all of the week 1 challenges for season 4.

The location of the battle star in game

If you need any help with completing the season 4 challenges, be sure to check out our cheat sheet, so you can fly through them before the week ends.