How to find Fortnite’s hidden Battle Star for Season 10, Week 4 Missions

Matt Porter
Epic Games

The fourth week of v10.10 Content Update that introduced the Junk Rift, a new item which opens up a portal above the map and drops objects onto unsuspecting opponents should they find themselves in the drop zone.

Of course, that means there is a brand new loading screen alongside the next set of weekly Missions, and you can get your hands on the hidden Battle Star, plus a free tier on your Battle Pass as a reward.

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To grab it, you’ll need to complete any three of the Week 4 Missions, which will grant you the loading screen, which shows the new Junk Rift item in action, as a reward for your efforts.

Once you’ve unlocked the image, you’ll need to take a close look for this week’s hint, which will lead you to where you need to go if you want to find your battle star.

Epic GamesThe Fortnite Season 10, Week 4 loading screen.
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Each loading screen includes a hint regarding where you need to go to find the star, and if you’re struggling to see it, you need to take a look at the piece of wood jutting out of the ground in the bottom-right corner, which appears to have writing carved into it.

Those are actually the coordinates I2, I3, J2, and J3 coordinates, which match up with a location on the Fortnite map. Players will be heading just to the east of Sunny Steps, with the Battle Star set to appear on the point where those four blocks meet.

Players will need to head the the north-east corner of the island to find this Battle Star.
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If finding the exact location is proving to be difficult, you’re looking for the hill directly east of Salty Steps, just past the reimagined Risky Reels location, with a tower standing tall above it which should make it hard to miss once you’re over in that direction.

Epic GamesThis is where you need to go to acquire the Week 4 Battle Star.
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Remember though, you need to have completed three of the fourth week’s missions before you will be able to unlock the Battle Star, so don’t head to the location unless you have three finished, or you’ll not be able to see the Battle Star at all.