How to find all soccer characters in Fortnite Season 6

Epic Games

After the release of update 16.30, Neymar Jr. is now unlockable in Fortnite Season 6. To get him, though, players have to find three Soccer player NPCs located around the island. Here’s where you can find them for yourself. 

After weeks of anticipation, Neymar Jr. is finally available for Fortnite Season 6 Battle Pass owners. Like other “secret skins” from past seasons, players need to undergo a few challenges in order to unlock him.

While they’re generally pretty easy, most of them require you to find Soccer player NPCs located around the map and complete quests from them. Here’s where you can find each one.

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Derby Dominator Fortnite location

The first Soccer character, named Derby Dominator, can be found over at Holly Hedges. Players will need to go to the very east side of the POI and find the soccer field in order to locate them.

As with all the other spots, players should wary of other players landing at the POI, considering both how popular it is and how many people are doing the quests themselves.

Galactico Fortnite location

The second Soccer player, named Galactico, can be found over at Pleasant Park. Players will have to go to the soccer field located at the center of the POI in order to find them.

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This is one of the easier characters to find, as the soccer field is one of the most well-known spots within the POI.

Shot Stopper Fortnite location

The final Soccer player, named Shot Stopper, is found at Dirty Docks. Players have to find the soccer field, which is located at the southeast corner of the point-of-interest, right next to the water.

Considering the size of the POI, this one is a bit annoying to find without knowing the exact location.

Currently, these three are the only soccer players that can be found throughout the map for the Neymar Jr. quests, so you’ll have to jump to these three locations in order to get to them.

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