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How to fall 10 stories or more without taking damage in Fortnite

Published: 21/Apr/2022 14:07

by Daniel Megarry


Fall 10 stories or more without taking damage is a weekly challenge in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2, but if you don’t know how or where to complete it, it can be quite tricky.

While most eliminations in Fortnite come at the hands of other players, it’s far too easy to slip off the edge of a building or fall from an IO Blimp and be instantly taken out (yes, we’re speaking from experience here).

So you might be a little confused as to why a new weekly challenge is asking you to fall 10 stories or more without taking damage, as this is normally something you’d want to avoid doing in a regular battle royale match.


If you’re struggling to figure out how to fall 10 stories without taking damage, we’ve got a few different methods that you can try below, as well as the best locations to visit to complete it in no time.

The Daily Bugle landing spot in Fortnite Chapter 3
Epic Games
The Daily Bugle is an easy location to complete this challenge.

How to fall 10 stories without taking damage in Fortnite

There are a few different ways to fall 10 stories without taking damage in Fortnite:

  • Drop down from a zipline near an IO Blimp as you won’t take fall damage from these.
  • Land in deep water to cushion your fall.
  • Bounce off a Spider-Man web near The Daily Bugle, the higher the better.

We’re not sure if using a Jetpack will count towards completing this quest, but if it does, then it would be as simple as collecting one from an IO Blimp and using it at the last second to slow your fall.

Remember that these methods will only work if you fall from 10 stories or more, so make sure you choose a location that’s tall enough. It’s worth pointing out that an IO Blimp will always be high enough.


Where to fall 10 stories without taking damage in Fortnite

The easiest way to make sure you’re actually falling from 10 stories or more is to complete this challenge at The Daily Bugle, as the main building at the center is one of the tallest on the map.

From here, you’ll need to find the highest Spider-Man web you can to bounce off or simply jump into the water that surrounds the building – just make sure you don’t miss, as you’ll be in for an early elimination.

Alternatively, you can complete this challenge at any location that has an IO Blimp above it, such as Coney Crossroads or Covert Cavern, as these have ziplines that are high enough to launch yourself from.


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