How to destroy Fortnite Slurp Trucks with just one hit

Tanner Pierce
Epic Games

Fortnite’s Slurp Barrels, Trucks, and more are some of the most useful items in the game because they can provide you with shields with only a few swings from the pickaxe. But there’s apparently a way to get these shields even faster. 

Slurp Trucks in Fortnite are one of the most sought after features in the battle royale game. While any of the “slurp” items are popular, the Slurp Truck is a vehicle that allows you to fully replenish your shields, allowing you to quickly get back into the fight.

The only problem with the Trucks is that they take a while to break. They have 600 health meaning even with consistent, aimed swings from your pickaxe, you’ll still have to stop what you’re doing to focus on the Truck before you have full shields.

While there have been exploits in the past to give you shields quickly (which have all been patched out), this new method may be one of the easiest yet.

Epic Games
Fortnite’s Slurp Truck’s give players a chance to get full health and shields.

Destroying a Slurp Truck with one hit

The method was shown off by Reddit user Jedisiri21 and, unlike other methods in the past which involve building, this method requires you to simply use your normal pickaxe. It also requires you to aim pretty precisely but it doesn’t seem like anything that’s too hard.

That being said, the method itself is fairly simple to understand:

  1. Find a Slurp Truck on the map
  2. Go to the side of the truck and aim towards the exhaust pipe, aiming towards the back section
  3. Jump up and swing towards the tip of the exhaust pipe (this can also apparently be done while standing on the truck itself)
  4. If you hit the right spot, it’ll break in one hit

Of course, after it breaks, the players will be rewarded with full shields. Should they practice this, it’s easy seeing this method go mainstream, as it allows people to spend a minimal amount of time getting shields, so they can get back into the fight as quickly as possible.

Of course, the point remains that, as far as anyone’s aware, the Slurp Truck is not supposed to act like this, meaning it’s more than likely a bug. Epic has been pretty good about fixing these types of things in the past so they’ll more than likely have some sort of fix or patch on the way before you know it.

Still, it’s an interesting strategy nonetheless and it’ll be interesting to see just how adopted this becomes with the Fortnite community going forward.