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How to deal damage with lumps of coal for Fortnite Winterfest challenge

Published: 27/Dec/2019 16:33

by Matt Porter


We’re into the home stretch of Fortnite’s Winterfest challenges, and the Day 10 task wants players to deal damage with lumps of coal to enemies in the popular battle royale title. 

Christmas is now over, but the holiday season continues in Fortnite, with the entire map now covered in snow while snowstorms and blizzards swirl across the Chapter 2 map.

Alongside some holiday decorations, Epic Games have released a new challenge and reward every day throughout the festive period, and on Friday, December 27, players who visit the Winterfest Lodge will be asked to deal damage to enemy players using lumps of coal.


Epic GamesFortnite players can get Lumps of Coal from Ice Boxes.

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Lumps of coal were introduced to Fortnite ahead of Winterfest kicking off, and are a throwable item that deal 20 points of damage to any enemy they hit as you search for a Victory Royale.

While they may be a Common-rarity item, you won’t be able to just find them randomly around the island, as they are specifically available inside of Presents or Ice Boxes.

Presents can be found in Chests or as floor loot, but if you would rather know where you can get them for sure without hoping you stumble across the festive item, you can use our map which shows the exact location of every Ice Box on the map.


Epic GamesMap showing the location of Ice Boxes on Fortnite.

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Once you’ve dealt the damage, you can still make use of any coal you find, as it can be placed into Cozy Campfires to heal you up and give you a health points boost before you head back into combat.

Completing this task will unlock the 2020 Kickflip Back Bling courtesy of Epic Games, a skateboard with a skier weaving between trees that can be placed on your character’s back while you jump out of the Battle Bus.

Epic GamesFortnite fans get a Back Bling as a reward.

With Winterfest still going on, you can expect a new challenge every day until January 2, and even if you find yourself behind on tasks after the festive period, you can still complete them, and our handy Winterfest challenge guide will help you get caught up.