How to ‘Dance between three ice sculptures, dinosaurs and hot springs’ – Week 9 challenge

. 3 years ago
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The week 9 challenges are now live for Season 8 in Fortnite Battle Royale, and one of the tasks requires you to dance in various spots around the map. Here’s where you need to go to dance between ice sculptures, dinosaurs and hot springs.

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While the other Week 9 challenges are fairly straight forward, the dancing challenge will require a bit more time an effort, as you will need to navigate to various points of interest on the map.

There’s also more challenges too as the new Endgame LTM has arrived, and features its own specific set of challenges to work through.

As a staged challenge, there are three parts in total to the dancing, with each stage earning you a battle star.

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Stage 1 – ‘Dance between three ice sculptures’ location

Unsurprisingly, you will need to head to snowy biome in the southwest of the battle royale map to find the ice sculptures.

Just west of Polar Peak, you will find a collection of trees, and the three frozen legends skins, posing majestically.

Dancing location for the ice sculptures.
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Stage 2 – ‘Dance between three dinosaurs’ location

For stage two, you’ll need to swap sides and head for the desert biome near Paradise Palms, on the southeast of the map.

Here you find the three dinosaurs, which are placed on opposing sides of the main road that runs through the desert area of the map.

The three dinosaurs can be found near Paradise Palms.

Stage 3 – ‘Dance between four hot springs’ location

Finally, the third stage requires you to find four hot springs and boogie down centrally between them. If you have just got the first two stages completed, you are in for a long journey for the final step.

You will need to head all the way north on the map, as these hot springs are the result of the new volcano added for Season 8. Just west of Risky Reels you will find the four springs in question.

The hot springs are easy to spot on the map, but it’s a long way from the other two locations.

Once you’ve danced between the hot springs, that will complete the third stage of the challenge – but remember, you will need to do them in order, as each stage is only unlocked after the prior is complete.

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