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How to complete Fortnite Season 4 Week 11 XP Xtravaganza challenges

Published: 6/Nov/2020 3:39

by Brad Norton


As Fortnite Season 4 starts to wind down, there’s never been a better time to grind for experience as Epic Games is offering up new XP Xtravaganza challenges.

We’re already into the 11th week of Fortnite Season 4. We’ve seen tons of new skins, map changes, and weapons added throughout, but it’s all starting to wrap up. As the Nexus War comes to a head with Galactus plummeting towards the map, Season 5 is right around the corner.

With an expected launch date of November 30, that leaves just three full weeks of action left. Whether you’ve been playing every day this season or only just hopping in now, there’s still every reason to push for last-minute XP over these remaining weeks.


Unlocks in the Season 4 Battle Pass will be gone forever once we reach the next major update. Not to mention the rare foil skins will be locked away as well. Thankfully, XP gains are more plentiful now than any other week.

Fortnite Season 4 Foil skin
Epic Games
Fortnite’s rare Season 4 foil skins will be disappearing in a few weeks.

Alongside some sneaky challenges hidden in plain sight, Epic has introduced a handful of new objectives this week. Similar to previous seasons, the final few weeks come with a bonus effect. Formerly known as ‘Overtime challenges,’ Season 4 offers fresh ‘XP Xtravaganza’ challenges instead.

These are designed to help players catch up on late experience gains. There are five extremely simple tasks for you to get through. Once you’re done, a whopping 130,000 XP will be all yours.


Most of these can be ticked off without really trying. Dealing damage and using various abilities will come over time regardless of how you choose to play. One challenge in particular stands out, however.

You’ll need to visit every named location on the map in a single game. While this would prove near impossible in a regular battle royale lobby, this challenge can be knocked out in Team Rumble as well. Below is a full look at each of the XP Xtravaganza challenges this week.

Fortnite Season 4 Week 11 XP Xtravaganza Challenges

  • Deal damage with scoped weapons (500)
  • Use superpowers to eliminate opponents (1)
  • Use rifts (3)
  • Upgrade weapons to Uncommon rarity (4)
  • Visit all named locations in a single match (17)
Fortnite gameplay
Epic Games
You’ll need to travel across the entire map in a single lobby to get every scrap of XP this week.

With three weeks to go, it’s almost guaranteed that more XP-boosting challenges will be on the way. Season 5 will introduce all-new content as per usual, replacing the Season 4 Battle Pass in the process.


Make sure you get these done before the next weekly update in order to maximize your gains.